Here’s the Key to Understanding the Russian Air Force’s Actions in Syria
War Is Boring

The Russian professional trolls are out in force. (And as obvious as ever) Truth hurts, apparently.

The Syrian civil war will evolve, or devolve, as events occur. Isolating the impact of the VKS from everything else is problematic. Distinguishing the impact of the VKS from the Syrian air force on civilian bystanders is also problematic because the Assad regime, it’s allies, ISIL/ISIS, and others are hostile to independent reporters.

1 imagines the members of VKS might respond to their deployment in the same way that USAF/USN aircrew did during the Vietnam war. They get paid to follow orders using the tools that are given them. If not satisfying, its still preferable to being infantry or armor on “the line”.

The Iranian air force is conspicuous by its absence. It would be natural for Iranian troops to want Iranian pilots providing CAS. It’s a sign that the lack of funding has hurt training as well as their inventory of aircraft.

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