To Read

They say they don’t.

Reading, words, books.

Not their thing.

These friends of ours.

Never “into it”.

Why read?

What can a book do?

What would a book do if it was your connection to a story?

What would a book do if it spoke to thoughts and feelings you’ve never said aloud?

When would you pick books over screens, pages over swipes?

When would you want to turn a chapter instead of turn the channel?

For quiet.

For comfort.

For one less screen to see.

Less bluelight.

Clear, black and white on the page.

The grain of the paper.

The spine as it cracks.

Dust in the air as it stirs, flips.

When you read and re-read to remember.

To feel the same emotion, again.

Let’s turn to page one.

By Katharine Donohoe

Originally published at on October 12, 2016.