Day three of the Self Learning Clinic

Day three of the Self Learning Clinic
Wow! What a day! Though devoid of external drama unlike yesterday, today brought its own challenges. This time, it was battling with errors. To every developer, errors are extremely annoying and irritating. And I can say today, I faced my own share of irritating errors.
Today’s task of implementing yummy recipes using the flask framework called for writing plenty of code to implement the functionality. Going by the law of averages, the more, the code I had the more errors I came across. You can imagine how frustrated I was. 
At such times one can only remember what it truly means to be a software developer. Like my university lecturer used to say,” When righting code and you get an error, remember errors are part of the job description.” With these very words ringing in my mind I set off into a little game where I was the police.The errors were demonstrators stopping me from changing the constitution which in this case was the behavior of my Yummy recipes application.

Borrowing a leaf from yesterday’s police raids. I decided to isolate and solve each error one at ago. You would with think that errors aren’t that all that different from people demonstrating. I can firmly say errors are much harder to deal with. Where a can of teargas is usually enough, you would need guns to take down these firm errors.
Luckily, there is an arsenal called google. Every search made came up with a solution. Not that all worked but they at least renewed my strength knowing that I wasn’t alone. But slowly I did progress.
With every step, the application taking shape to what I wanted.The struggle still continues but I soldier on with renewed hope and strength.

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