My “EPIC” Andela Experience so far

Self-learning week already in gear. Can’t believe it’s the end of day two already. Going through the Home study you’re bound to come across the EPIC acronym for the Andela values. Well I can assure you the word goes beyond that. Because it perfectly describes how my self-learning week has been going, awesome and impressively challenging at the same time.

It’s been a true learning experience. Working with the challenges pushes to you think. Get a hurdle and look for a solution. The best part is, part of the solution is somewhere at the end of the new gitter notifications. You just have to ask. Smart people are ready to share, then you act.

At days end you look at how the hours have unfolded and you are proud but you know you can still do more. The C in EPIC can mean Commitment. Commitment to keep going even after your command prompt gives you the same error countless times. But the joy that comes with you punching the air when the now acquainted error doesn’t show up is priceless. That’s when it hits you, the passion you have is what drives you. That drive to improve so that you don’t have get acquainted with new errors.

The whole weeks challenges organised immaculately, their documentation and resources all availed to you so you can do your best. The facilitator always checking up on you and giving you feedback. I guess it’s right what they say, if you want to be the best then you have to learn from the best. I can confidently say with Andela, you will learn and be better than before.

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