Build yourself challenge 2.0

When running for 21 straight days is not enough

O Caio
O Caio
Jul 28, 2017 · 2 min read

I have 22 minutes to finish this story to keep my second 21 days challenge going. I started this to create a habit for writing with meaning. I guess I have to take advantage of the internet to share what I have learned so far. Not that my experience deserves a book and a movie based on true events, but, I think that starting this mindset may trigger someone, somewhere to start creating something they were dubious about it.

I plan to write a final post about this challenge, but until the 21th day is done, let me tell you about my first 21 days challenge:

Lots of friends at work had heard from previous experiences that you need 21 days to create a habit, or to end one. What started as a five people corner talk, turned into a twenty-something collaborative spreadsheet. Well, that escalated quickly.

We had such different goals: no sugar, no desert, gym everyday, no soda, no fast food, meditate everyday, answering every meeting invitation… lucky me, I chose to ran everyday.

I did not go from 0 to a marathon overnight. I was already running 2–3 times a week. But that was my comfort zone. I need something to push me out of it.

The first couple of days was ok. But as the fifth to the sixth day came in, my legs were begging for a rest. It did not matter how tired my legs were, I had to run, otherwise, I had to start the 21 days challenge all over again.

This situation tricked something important: your ‘tiredness’ is sometimes, a mind game. Since I was used to run 2–3 times a week, my brain was not used to the fact I had to run and push myself to my limits everyday. And I finish the challenge like this: on the “I feel so tired, I can not move my feet day” I ran 3km. And there were other days I ran 15km.

Finally, during 21 days I ran 123km. I hope to, on this one, I can write thousands of words, and just like my previous challenge, create a health habit of building myself up.

This post is part of my initial challenge on Medium: to write every day for the next 21 days. Currently on day #4

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