How our team reduce 80% bugs on User Experience with a simple move

I used to work as a frontend developer before assuming the role as UI designer where I work today, CI&T. We are a small team inside the company and we work under the kanban moto of one piece flow.

A typical visual representation of a workflow using agile methodology

We have all the usual rituals for daily and weekly alignments, and we think communication is a key part of delivering things on time with quality, and if not, surely replanning would not sound as tough as it may.

Recently, during one of our alignments, taking a look on bug's root causes, we noticed that "User Experience, Usability or GUI" root cause went from number one to number four in less than 60 days, a 80% cut, matching the timing we started having, surprise!!!, a designer on the team.

Don’t get me wrong. A designer alone won’t do a magical job and solve all of the issues design-related. We needed to apply a new step on our workflow: a compliance test done together with developers before moving on to testing.

More than revalidating the implemented design – usually mocked as a high fidelity prototype, the simple act of sitting together with developers created on them the habit of thinking about the prototype and prevent things to go wrong even before the compliance test.

We improved the awareness over quality and we are one step ahead on reducing not only the bug rate on UX but the gap between these too connected area: design and development.

This post is part of my initial challenge on Medium: to write every day for the next 21 days. Currently on day #2