Transmission Received

The people will believe what they want to believe

Evidence holds sway only when it points in the right direction

The media does its best to achieve the correct inflection

Well aware that its target audiences are willing to be deceived

Stories develop at a frantic pace

Twenty four hours a day the coverage pulses across the stations

As masses gather ‘round the tube giving voice to their frustrations

Each tuned to a different frequency

With its biases in place

The factions are as fractious as they’ve ever been

But now each with a media outlet to proclaim its consternation

The resulting cacophony: Soundtrack of a Divided Nation

With opinion being held hostage by whatever is heard or seen

And so the people believe

Whether or not they have a choice has become purely academic

As the country embroils itself in this week’s highly charged polemic

The news of the latest war, or genocide, or epidemic

Is broadcast live, all night and day

Transmission is Received

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