10 of the Best Gifts for Teachers

As the new school year starts (and as Christmas waits just around the corner), you will soon have opportunities to express your appreciation for your child’s teachers. Because they spend so much of their time supporting, teaching, and caring for your little one, they deserve a meaningful token of your appreciation for all they do.

As a result, you should probably skip the coffee mugs and inspirational plaques and opt for something unique (and something that will not clutter the teacher’s desk and home). To help you find the perfect gift for the teachers in your life, here are 10 of the best gift ideas for teachers.

Put together a basket of school supplies as a useful gift for teachers.

If you want to get the perfect gift for teachers, you can rarely go wrong with school supplies. Even though schools often give teachers some supplies, and even though families are often asked to bring in supplies at the beginning of the year, most teachers still spend hundreds of dollars a year of their own money outfitting their classrooms with items like markers, pencils, and notebooks. That is why one of the best gifts for teachers can be a decorative basket filled with everything from pens to tape to glue and paint.

Create a garden of gift cards as the perfect gift for teachers from a group.

Gift cards often feel impersonal. However, if you are getting a gift for a teacher as a group (say, along with the other parents from the class), gift cards can often be a good way for everyone to contribute to the effort. To make this gift for teachers more fun, make the gift cards into a bouquet or garden. Take a large flower pot and fill it with fake grass. Attach each gift card to a wooden stick and tuck it into the pot. You can add a thank you message in paint or chalk to the pot and intersperse the gift cards with cut out construction paper or cardboard flowers bearing thank you notes.

Provide grading stamps for a fun gift for teachers.

Since teachers do quite a bit of grading, stamps they can use during the process can make perfect gifts. These stamps usually come with messages such as “A+,” “Great Job,” “Check Your Work,” or “Needs Improvement.” You can also have the stamps personalized for a unique touch.

Buy personalized stationery as another perfect gift for teachers.

Teachers often find themselves sending notes home to communicate with parents about a wide variety of issues. That is why personalized stationery can make a perfect gift for teachers. They can never have too many notepads on which to write these notes. By choosing monogrammed paper, or paper that has their name on it, you can add a layer of fun and personalization to this gift.

Put together a scrapbook as the perfect gift to remind teachers about that year’s class.

Teachers love the children they teach and will usually appreciate a way to remember all the highlights of the school year. That is why a scrapbook or photo book can make the perfect gift for teachers at the end of the year. If you are artistic, you can gather photos and memorabilia from other parents in the classroom and put together a scrapbook. If you lack time or creativity, order a photo book instead. All you have to do is provide the photos and choose the layout. Either choice will give the teacher a gift they can cherish for years to come.

Purchase classroom books as the perfect gifts for teachers concerned with literacy.

In addition to school supplies, teachers always need books for the classroom. This is another item on which teachers often spend a great deal of money throughout the school year. If you want to get the perfect gift for your child’s teachers, consider buying one or two of your child’s favorite books to donate to the classroom. You can even have your child write their name and/or an encouraging note in the front of the book to make the gift more meaningful and personal.

Get the class involved in the gift for the teacher with a signed photo.

Decorative items do not usually make the best gifts for teachers because you cannot be sure that the gift will match their style. One exception to that rule, however, can be a class photo signed by all of the children. This memento will be a beautiful way to help the teacher remember that class and remind them of the difference they made by teaching that year.

Gift your time as a classroom volunteer.

Another thing that teachers almost always need is parental assistance in the classroom. By volunteering your time, you show your appreciation and support in a tangible way. You can do everything from helping to organize the classroom to chaperoning a field trip to coming in to read to the kids. Just check with the teacher to find out what requirements you need to fulfill to become a classroom volunteer (such as a background check) and to find out exactly what kind of help they need.

A creative present of food can be the perfect gift for busy teachers.

Teachers tend to be busy people. Often, they are juggling long hours of teaching as well as families and other responsibilities. That is why food can be the perfect gift for them when you want to show your appreciation. There are a number of creative ways in which you can give this food. For example, offer to bring them a meal, give a gift card to their favorite restaurant, purchase a fruit basket, make a homemade treat, or put together something simple but tasty, such as breakfast or cookies in a jar.

Give bookmarks as the perfect gifts for teachers who love to read.

If you know that your child’s teacher loves to read, consider the gift of a bookmark or a set of bookmarks. While this gift is simple, you can dress it up by finding ones that have inspirational messages or even ones that are personalized. These can make a useful gift that reminds the teacher of the difference they are making every time they use it.

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