#WentworthHomeless Report: Sydney City Council-Hands off the Homeless

Yesterday is a foul act of bastardry the City of Sydney saw fit to strip the Homeless Community at Wentworth Park of most of the few vestiges of dignity they have. With an assist from NSW Police the Council used rubbish trucks to take most of their possessions-in the process contaminating them. While Council say they can be collected from their nearby depot they have obviously failed to assess the health risk their unhygenic removal method imposes on the homeless should they choose to collect their property…

Outraged and deeply concerned locals came out in numbers to physically help the homeless community rescue what they could and joined with the homeless heaping richly deserved scorn and derision on Council staff and Police.

Under the arches at Wentworth Park last night a tired but determined Homeless Community with nowhere else to were determined to stay. Most intend to re-erect tents as they are replaced.

Mayor Clover Moore Tweeted “We work with compassion to balance the needs of rough sleepers, who have a right to use public spaces, other park users and public safety.” — a cynical bureaucratic spin on the reality that Clover Moore’s Council have ignored repeated requests to meet with the homeless community not only in this instance but over a couple of decades.

If Sydney City Council’s callous actions offend you please take the time to tell Clover Moore so on Twitter. We suggest using the Hashtag #WentworthHomeless.

Following the raids Sydney Homeless called for immediate resupply… and it has been done. Most of the Homeless Community remain under the arches at Wentworth Park.

The call was reinforced by Occupy 4 Homeless last night following a visit to the site. Occupy 4 Homeless were subjected to many identical raids while providing Australia’s only 24–7 Homeless Food and Support service.

The next Council meeting is on February 23rd 6pm at Town Hall. Occupy Sydney and Anonymous will host a barbecue outside the meeting at Town Hall with an all day Homeless Day

Sydney Homeless Day Out | Facebook
A Crowd-sourced Community Event: Barbecues of course all day — Tents for Homeless — 24–7 Blanket Patrol Network forming- Chess — Music — A day for Homeless people to have their say about what will work for them personally and for the Sydney Homeless Community.www.facebook.com

Today legal support is being mustered by Occupiers who successfully challenged the validity of Council regulations in this leading case.

The Wentworth Homeless are a peaceful and welcoming community of concern and compassion. “Outsiders” on the streets are welcomed so long as they are peaceful. Those who wish to might consider taking their own tents and sleeping bags and join the community for a night. I know I will.

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