Ocdamia Strings — Best Strings quartet for wedding occasions

The Ocdamia Strings was started in 2008 in an efforts to seeking equality irrespective of gender, sexual priorities, age and ethnicity. The music industry has become soaked that many of a highly skilled artists seldom get an chance to share their ability. This declaration led husband and wife, Arthur and Margie Ocdamia to make The Ocdamia Strings. Arthur Ocdamia is a classical cellist who used to work in a cruise line playing his cello around the world. He is a member of different community orchestras within Orange and Los Angeles County. Thus, allows him to have network with many talented musicians.

In 2008, Margie was working full-time and studying at the same time. In 2009, they were blessed to have a son. Their son was born severely premature, requires full medical attention and personal care. They were challenged on how they are going to take care of their newborn son, and at the same time, manage the Ocdamia Strings.Since 2009, Arthur has been playing every weekends to wedding gigs, corporate functions and other special events while he take care of their son during the week days. On the other hand, Margie continue to go to school full time on week days, takes care of their son during week ends, and handling bookings for the group.

customer service

For virtually 10 years that we have been in the wedding sector, we are very targeted on every event that we’ve handled. The marriage day is one of the most important events for our clients; it’s always about the bride and groom’s “big day”. We are conscious that organizing a wedding is not easy, so we want to make it simple for you in selecting your music provider. Our very dedicated operations manager can answer your questions within hours or not later than 24 hours. Our website is very easy to navigate, have over 600 songs in our repertoire list and more than 100 sample videos in our YouTube Channel. With the Ocdamia Strings, you are guaranteed for a reliable and professional music provider.

Quartet Musicians for Special Occasions

When thinking about hiring a music group for any exclusive event, the cost will vary based on whether you get a duet, trio or quarter artists. Of course, the higher the number of artists, the stiffer the cost will be. But you can obtain as much pleasure from a duet as from a quartet if you pay interest to detail and professionalism. If you get the perfect performers, the number doesn’t matter; you can be assured of the highest standard of musicianship for your special day. The purpose is to make music a unforgettable discussing point for your special occasion, whether you and your bride would like to enter the ceremony to a specifically inquired piece or even have you accompany the hymns in a church service. Many people book string duets, trios or quartets simply to provide an elegant environment during a meal or drinks reception.


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