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ocean dict.
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ocean dict. is operated by Septeni Incubate, Inc..
Septeni Incubate is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO., LTD.


The company operates a “digital marketing business” that provides comprehensive support for corporate DX, and a “media platform business” that develops numerous media products, such as manga applications and childcare platforms.

While digital marketing is the company’s area of expertise, it is also strengthening its development in the media platform and entertainment domains, and has recently undertaken the following multifaceted initiatives.

Qzil.la produced ending animation for 11th episode of TV anime “Chainsaw Man”

Septeni Group has participated in “D.LEAGUE”, a professional dance league in Japan

Corporate Profile

  • Capital:18,428 million yen
  • Foundation:October 1990
  • No.of Employees:Septeni Group as of September 2022
    1,600 full-time employees/ 1,909 employees
  • Industry Associations:Association of New Economy
  • Accounting Auditor:KPMG AZSA LLC
  • Listing Market:Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market

Please refer to the official website for the latest information.


SEPTENI INCUBATE is a company that discovers and nurtures new businesses within the SEPTENI Group. The company operates an internal business plan contest (gen-ten) to generate new businesses and provides start-up support tailored to the growth stage of the business.

The SEPTENI Group is also involved in ViViViT, a designer recruitment platform business; gooddo, a social contribution platform business; TowaStela, a childcare platform business; SIGNCOSIGN, a brand philosophy co-creation business; and ALPHIA, a men’s cosmetics D2C business. We are currently developing a variety of new businesses in the three web fields.

Currently, we are launching new businesses in the three web fields, and have established a web3 business division within SEPTENI INCUBATE. Ocean dict. is operated by this division.

Official website: https://www.septeni-incubate.co.jp/

About web3 Business

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