SnapMatch — HR Automation apps, what is SnapMatch & how can it help your Hospitality or Retail business find staff?

SnapMatch HR Automation apps for part-time hospitality & retail jobs.

One of the most difficult parts of running any business is finding and retaining good staff; within the hospitality and retail industries this is no doubt an even more difficult task due to staff commitment and availability; hospitality and retail are (for the most part) thought of as casual style jobs and are treated as so by many employers and employees alike. We want to change this to help both employers & job seekers; better staff = better jobs, more security, flexibility and positive outcomes for both parties.

Introducing SnapMatch an app that allows hospitality & retail employers to find part-time employees for either permanent part-time jobs or quick to fill casual jobs i.e. you need to find an entire staff for a brand new cafe/bar/store etc OR your current barista has decided to take a long weekend and only tells you at 5:30am Monday morning; you need to fill the role quickly!

So how does it work? As an employer you simply sign-up for an employer user login via our website which in turn allows you to post an unlimited number of jobs and hire an unlimited number of employees; you can post a job either via our employer-only web app or our mobile apps (for iOS & Android) after you have signed-up for an employer account via our website.

SnapMatch mobile apps for employer & employee.

SnapMatch works on a subscription model and is paid monthly (can be cancelled at anytime if you no longer require). Unlike other platforms our monthly subscription fee is all you as an employer pay to use of our apps; for this single monthly cost you can hire a Barista (or two), Bar Manager, Chef (or 3!) and anyone else you need to keep your business running at full steam! One simple monthly cost not only gives you direct access to find any staff you need and fill any and all job openings you have but also provides you with an employee roster system. Anytime and on-going! No more job boards; yay! 😄

We want SnapMatch to be there to support you and your business for the LONG-TERM, we’ll help you can find good staff when and as soon as you need them either as long-term employees or daily fills-in for perms.

When you post a job as an employer SnapMatch finds the best matching job seekers ordered by your specified requirements; availability, qualifications and experience. You can review and see other employer references of job seekers, their qualification documents, private & secure bank and super details (once employed) and when you have reviewed and they meet your tick of approval you can request a chat, once accepted by the job seeker you chat live via our apps, offer them an interview or shift on the spot directly within our apps.

In addition to our staff & job matching functions our app provides a simple web-based employee roster system for employers so you can see who you have scheduled to work today/this week/month.

SnapMatch the SnapMatch demo video.

Employers try SnapMatch today using the ‘SMJOBS’ promo code for a 30 day FREE trial… click here to sign-up and get direct access to staff now.




Creative Technologist — founder at, an app design & development studio in Melbourne.

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Nicholas Cole

Nicholas Cole

Creative Technologist — founder at, an app design & development studio in Melbourne.

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