My Biggest Fear Was Being Happy.

– by theoceanground

Happiness, honestly it is all about hard work. Today you might wake up telling yourself, “Hey Universe! I’m going to conquer today and be absolutely positive!”

Then suddenly the universe push you off the cliff, and you sank deep into the ocean and worse still, you never had swimming lessons, so technically – you’re dead! But, in between that moment of fighting for life or death you come to your senses that, maybe life is really absolutely too short. Should I continue panicking and end up actually drowning or should I give it my best shot and swim back up for air?

Happiness is hard work. Constant hard work. If you had woken up with positivity and along the way calamities fall upon you, remain positive. Take it as it is. Learn the cause of the calamities. Build up a mechanism for it just in case life decides to be full of surprises – and we know it will always be, full of surprises.

You think this is the hardest part but, no. The hardest part is being too willing to lose yourself. We always tell others to get a hold of themselves and don’t lose their focus no matter what. It’s easier to say this when you’re standing outside the chaos but it isn’t easy when you’re inside or part of the chaos. How can one resist blaming themselves when they are the cause of the hurricane. How does one move forward to see past through their mistakes?

Forgiveness. The power to peace, is forgiveness. Do we seek forgiveness from others? Plenty. When we have an argument with a loved one, do we seek for their forgiveness? Yes we do. Immediately or hesitantly, we do seek forgiveness for our wrong doings towards them. But, do we seek forgiveness with ourselves? Do you look at how broken you are because of how you’ve dealt with situations and feel sorry for yourself? When was the last time you forgive yourself? It’s probably hard to recall because we are always hard on ourselves. So how can you and me, forgive ourselves?

Acceptance. Accept every flaw that crawls within you. The hidden ones, the ones obvious to the eyes of many. Self-acceptance is not selfish, it is harmonious. Creating harmony and peace with yourself. To the person inside you that no one knows better off than yourself. We doubt ourselves too much that we question how worthy are we when it comes to receiving positivity or happiness.

So, start accepting your flaws and forgive your own mistakes. Because, you deserve happiness. In whatever forms it appears in front of you.

Happiness, Acceptance and Forgiveness.