Big mountain, the 8th fatal flaw
Emmanuel Lançon

Hey Emmanuel, interesting article. It made me think about how we might make the big mountains (Isola’s), into more the hills near Vence. I was reading and thinking what question in particular could be asked to help a team leader split down a big mountain. And I was thinking part of that maybe “What makes this (big) task done?” Hopefully, this would lead to a conversation around the acceptance criteria of that big task, and lead to each of the accepts becomes a smaller task.

Equally, once the team leader has talked to the implementation people involved in a particular tasks, and they’ve had a look at the code or server technology, they’ll like raise further technology dependencies. Unsure what particular question would trigger the reveal, but asking “What system components are involved in this task?” may get us a more interesting & revealing question that asking an abrupt question (big mountain question?)

Thanks for giving me food for thought.

I wrote this article, which was more aimed at startups, just trying to figure out how to deliver sustainably. Might provide some more food for thought:

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