The Potential

How do we take things forward?

I think Manchester’s startup and tech hub building that had funds of £4million allocated to it in the budget (sometimes called ‘forward’) could;
- hold the offices for multiple accelerators & incubators.
- bring in global entrepreneurs in residence, to connect Manchester more internationally within Europe, USA, Africa, and Asia, and help us get beyond the ‘local maximum’ effect.
- plug into the existing social impact networks which align with a lot of what Manchester is good at i.e. the Co-op movement.
- act as a permanent exhibition location to showcase international technologies.
- act as a local connector between the universities, business organisations, accelerator businesses (DotForge, Ignite, etc), and community organisations such as Madlab.
- provide subsidised adult education opportunities (short-term courses in the latest tech/languages/techniques etc)
- provide a no-barrier to entry co-working space for anyone.
- provide subsidised offices for recently new scalable tech startups.
- operate in an open & collaborative manner with board seats filled from the local universities, council, and community organisations.

Having put considerable effort into Manchester’s grass roots tech startup sector over the last decade, I’m happy to collaborate with others and get involved. Some highlights I’ve been involved with:
- started Manchester’s first tech co-working space with 3 other co-founders.
- went through Manchester’s first tech accelerator in 2015.
- Graduated from Manchester University in Computer Science in 1997.
- Ran Founders’ Assembly in 2015, helping 48 founders, with another co-organiser.
- Actively mentoring other founders still.

Let me know if you’d like me to get involved.
(Will take you to my LinkedIn profile)

[First published before the open meeting on Wednesday 13th April]
[Edit — Monday 18th: update to expand on what ‘forward’ is. Hoping to meet with a few interested parties this week.]