Through the Looking Glass — Full Face Masks for Diving and Snorkeling

Most divers are used to breathing in and out through the mouth while underwater. A full face mask allows you to breathe through your nose. Breathing through the nose means including your sense of smell in your dive experience.

Full face masks have crystal clear plastic lenses that allow high penetration of light and clear vision. In addition, you need not spit into the mask or add anti-fog. The clever air directional system means that the mask never fogs up. On the contrary, your breath cleans and dries the inside of the mask.

Since no water touches the face in the full face mask, it prevents headache (that instant headache you experience when you eat ice too quickly) when you first jump in the water. It also means you can stay warmer for longer.

With a normal mask, your vision is not so clear, due to water droplets and fog on the inside of the lenses. There is no water sloshing around the nose pocket.

As the air is circulated around the full face mask, there is no fogging. The full face masks usually have multiple straps at the back keeping it firmly in place. When you can just breathe in and out of your nose, without a mouth piece that exerts pressure on your teeth, is a wonderful feeling.

You are also better able to appreciate the colors of the underwater world with a full face mask.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a full face diving mask.

· You do not need any time to learn using it; you can put it on and enjoy the experience.

· The full face mask is good for new as well as experienced divers.

· They are good to introduce diving to kids.

· Full face masks offer wider and clearer vision.

· You can keep water away from your face and mouth with a full face mask.

· The full face masks are equipped with a valve to drain out water on its own upon resurfacing.

· Many full face masks have dual air flow ventilation system, which prevents fogging and blurry vision, improving your overall dive experience.

· No fogging and clarity means you can enjoy the underwater world better. The mask is like a clear window to the underwater world. Watch beautiful live corals in an unexplored world.

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