Get Improved Range of Mobility After Slip And Fall Injuries In Plantation

The injuries you will sustain after slipping over an object will mainly injure the front of your body. You may fall on your knees and injure the ligaments and muscles surrounding the patella. If you try to break the fall with your wrists, you may sprain or strain the soft tissues in this area. You may try hot-and-cold compression to treat the injured areas after slip and fall accident in Plantation. If you avail no relief, you will need the assistance of a chiropractor.

Wrist Injuries

Your wrists will bear the weight of your upper body during slip and fall accident in Plantation. The impact injury may sprain or strain your wrists. You will feel sharp shooting pain with these injuries. You may also experience some numbness and tingling associated with this radiating pain. Your wrist injury may limit you from performing your daily activities properly. Some chiropractic measures will help you regain the range of motion painlessly.

Treatment Methods

You will need manipulative measures if ice and rest did not improve your symptoms after slip and fall accident in Plantation. The chiropractor will primarily perform an alignment test of the wrists. Even slightly misaligned bones may pressurize the surrounding tendons or ligaments.

An expert chiropractor can correct this misalignment through gentle manipulation of the wrist bone. It will provide instant relief after reducing tensions from the surrounding connective tissues. The chiropractor may also perform gentle massaging after the adjustment. This will increase your blood circulation and let your body repair the injured area naturally.

Knee Injuries

The body portion you may damage mostly during slip and fall accident in Plantation is your knee. The movement of your legs depends upon the flexibility of your knee joint. If you injure this area, you will witness significantly limited range of motion.

Knee Structure

Your knee has numerous ligaments and muscles for stability. The ACL and MCL are its two major ligaments. It has a patella that articulates with the movement of femur. It also has two menisci. These rubbery and C-shaped discs are cushioning your knees. An experienced chiropractor can heal two different types of knee injuries after slip and fall accident in Plantation.

Ligaments Sprain

The torn ligaments may require surgical correction. The sprained ligaments may get better through chiropractic care. The chiropractors will apply specific manipulations to realign the sprained ligaments. Your range of motion will improve instantly. You may witness some pain afterwards. It will subside through heat-and-cold compression and rest.

Menisci Injury

You may tear the spongy and cartilaginous menisci after your slip and fall accident. An expert chiropractor can treat the grade 1 and 2 of menisci tears. You will feel occasional pain and slight discomfort with grade 1 tear. You will experience pain and swelling with grade 2 menisci tears.

The chiropractor will treat the injured area with ultrasound waves. This will reduce the inflammation and break up the formation of scar tissues. You will require stretching and strengthening exercises for further improvement of torn meniscus. For more information visit here: OCEANS CHIROPRACTIC