By Glenn Handler

The Oceans Team

We know trust is not bought — it’s earned. Trusted investor/founder relationships are truly a long term relationship. Both sides are signing up for a 5–10 year commitment.

When you work with Oceans, you get a team who really does care. We are direct, we are purposeful, we act as an extended version of your team, we do the unexpected with and for you, and when we can’t deliver on areas outside of our domains of expertise, we bring in our partners and broader network. …

By Joshua Rahn

The Oceans Team
The Oceans Team

As we enter 2020, the start of a new decade, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned and share what you can expect from Oceans going forward.

Our pre-Oceans experiences taught us that scale requires discipline, teamwork, brutally tough conversations, and the ability to pivot when the data says so. We also knew that we had to practice fiscal responsibility: with each other, with our founders, and with our partners.

“The more I started to get under the hood [at Foursquare], the more I was like, ‘I don’t know if you guys have realized it, but…

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Well — that went fast!!!!!! We have had well over 150+ meetings with founders, angels, VCs, incubators, accelerators, family offices, investment funds, and tech executives. It’s been an exhilarating first 120 days so we wanted to share our progress and what we have learned. Think of this as our first “self-review”.

Our Initial Hypothesis Has Been Confirmed

  • Money does not equal success The insight around the explosion of money and funding these last few years yet not seeing the same lift in company success has been reinforced.
  • Crucial conversations don’t happenFounders and investors struggle to have the real discussions that would materially impact…

We understand founders can be frustrated. We know they’re uneasy. They’re overwhelmed and often overworked. We know what keeps them up at night and what uncertainty consumes them.

We know because the same issues plagued us. We have worked 17 hours / 6 days a week. We weren’t sure if we would meet payroll, whether we would have layoffs, or if some large company would put us out of business. We have woken in a cold sweat. We have participated in global change. We know how to lose as a team and win as a family.

The average total amount…


We are a new kind of venture capital firm: a team of early-stage investors and mentors focused on giving startups the hands-on support they need to succeed.

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