World Masters! Do the BDO know how to promote it?

Well the World Masters is in December and tickets are on sale at the moment…. Where do you ask?


If you go onto the BDO Website, you will have to look a good few seconds to realise where you can purchase tickets, it’s not visible and does not catch the visitor’s eye.

And you will not be surprised to hear that the sales have been poor!!!

This is BDO’s 2nd major, it’s the oldest active major in darts, surely the BDO should take pride in promoting this wonderful event. They did more in promoting the Turkish Open of which very few of the top players bothered to enter. BDO on Social Media are virtually non-existent. Sure the PDC have a more oiled and slicker operation but the message should be put out there on a consistent basis, people are interested, people are keen, 1.7 million watched the Lakeside final. So there is something there.

The BDO Website needs a massive facelift , They copied and pasted the PDC article on about the Grand Slam of Darts where the PDC “Self mockingly” refers to BDO World Champion as “Lakeside Champion” and not “BDO World Champion”. Come on Guys!!

BDO have had a turbulent year, But after the success of DAVE’s coverage of the World Trophy despite poor promotion, they would have got more experienced and not made the same mistakes again.

Hopefully we will see a packed Lakeside for a good televised World Masters event.

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