Hi, I’m an ex-Clinton Staffer and We Tried To Warn You

Hello! T minus 33 days until Trump actually becomes President of the United States. How you feeling? Right, I understand. As an ex-Clinton staffer, it’s been impressive but also extremely infuriating to watch people suddenly come to terms with their new reality. Trump’s erratic actions and poor decision making (not good), conflicts of interest and now the fact that Russia was heavily involved in trying to make him win. Whoa guys, this is bad, I think? I’m not writing this to gloat (reminder: we lost) or because I find joy in it (reminder: we still lost), but fuck me, you guys need to wake the fuck up, because we tried to tell you!!

Let me start by stating the obvious: I do not claim we ran a perfect or flawless campaign. Aside from the fact that we actually had a ground game, thousands of staffers and volunteers across America, a robust HQ operation working day and night to convey Sec. Clinton’s message and policies to the American people — we had an additional job — reminding people about the danger(s) of a Trump presidency. Of course, now that the election is over and done with, folks actually have the audacity to say THAT’S the reason Hillary Clinton lost — she was too concerned about letting people know how bad Trump would be. [I’m still shocked at the justification because WHAT?]

Moving on…because if you’ll recall, Trump had no ground game, no real plans/policies (yes, the wall™! I know), a hodgepodge of first time political staffers based in Trump Tower and part of the RNC apparatus. He gobbled up campaign managers like Pez or amphetamines. So what did he have in the end? A shit ton of red hats, fake news, Twitter and Russia all working in his favor. He had words and empty promises and just about anyone with half a brain could see through that but #MediaCoverage. Turns out, words matter.

Back to the shock and awe hell no of it all for a second. Just yesterday, in his final press conference, President “thanks” Obama said:

I am finding it a little curious that everybody is suddenly acting surprised that this looked like it was disadvantaging Hillary Clinton, because you guys wrote about it every day, every single leak about every little juicy tidbit of political gossip, including John Podesta’s risotto recipe. This was an obsession that dominated the news coverage.

Uh, yeah, big time but that risotto recipe was fire tho. Very curious, so curious in fact now that everyone’s concerned and wondering HOW THIS HAPPENED?! How did the most qualified candidate (coincidentally, a woman) running for President get railroaded?!? Who can say really? But in the wake of her loss, I now fully understand that the human brain is an incredibly magnificent organ. The lengths to which people are willing to reach in order to deny their new reality is stunning.

“Denial is a very powerful adversary, sneaking in under the radar. It’s human nature to struggle with denial during difficult or stressful circumstances. It is a tool our brain uses to deflect inevitable truths — but almost always, especially in life or death survival scenarios, those truths are coming whether we deny them or not.”

That quote is from a wilderness survival expert, BTW, but I think it really holds up in this situation. Don’t you?

Here’s a short list of things the Clinton campaign warned you about (in the last few weeks) WHILE also trying to deliver a positive message about why she was the best candidate for the job to lead America:

Nov. 3rd — Conflicts of interest

Nov. 1 — Trump knows about Russians hacking, continues lying anyway

Oct. 31 — Comey’s double standard on influencing the election

Oct. 31 — Fallon RT, FBI concluded Russians were trying to influence election
(Sharing this one for all the people using the “sure, the CIA doesn’t lie!” defense. FBI was on it months ago so please, shut the hell up.)

Oct. 30 — Brian Fallon explains the absurdity of the latest “email scandal”

Oct. 23rd (and almost daily) — Trump isn’t qualified to be President

Oct. 15 — Another Fallon explainer on why Russians would influence the election for Trump (worth watching now TBH)

I could go on about how the Clinton Foundation isn’t some weird circle jerk, enriching the Clintons. It’s actually a real foundation, helping people all over the world. Trump’s foundation was bogus, a sham. I think maybe you get the point? I hope you get it.

The KKK/Alt-Right/Men’s Rights Activists now see their hero as leader of the Free World. Racism and xenophobia won too, but so did stupidity. Now that Donald Trump is breaking from decades of bipartisan diplomatic foreign policy and US underwater drones are being stolen by the Chinese as we watch, remember there were people telling you this would happen. But back then, everyone seemed more concerned about potentially finding another killer risotto recipe in John Podesta’s emails so…

В Америке, любят Россию.
[To America, love Russia.]

Edit: No, I don’t speak Russian. Yes, I did use google translate. Sue me.

Bonus: If you want to see how much work was done to alert people this nightmare was coming, scroll through The Briefing on Twitter and/or Facebook.