Obomighie Sophie
Sep 27, 2017 · 3 min read

Robots are alive!!!

That’s exactly how I felt when Ada Nduka Uyom and Omolara Adejuwon explained facebook and slack bots at forloop women bot party. It was pretty awesome check out my posts on twitter and the gram (A more summarized version of my experience.) Permit me to say I won the prize for most tweets that day (bragging rights *coughs*) and most punctual female.

Back to the task at hand, Omolara Adejuwon talked about and demonstrated slack bots building using PHP. That lady knows PHP like ABC and she is very smart I mean the way she talks and all. She really knows her onions. We actually built slack bots and add to create new slack groups/channels. One thing I love about Omolara Adejuwon and maybe forloop in general is their practical and hands-on classes. You just have to beee there and actually do it.

Ada came in like the boss lady that she is with her very cool @findworka tshirt and heaven like laptop. She actually preferred skipping all the “talk, talk” part of facebook bot building and self introduction which is lovely because talk is cheap but just for background knowledge sake, facebook bots always need a facebook page tied to it. Facebook is crazy about privacy (trust me I felt the same way you feel right now) especially involving bots e.g your bot shouldn’t ask for bank details and things of that sort.

There really wasn’t so much time so we had to rush things up a little. First of all,since we used Django, we had to do a lot of installations. Thereafter, we had to get ngrok since we were using a local host. So the use of ngrok is to link up the bot you build locally to the internet so even when you host locally, like xampp and wamp, people still get to view your bot and of course facebook would see it too. Also make sure you create a virtual environment and do most, if not all your work there. It makes things less complicated. You also need to link your facebook account to developers.facebook.com

I know I still owe us more explanations so I’m going to to take out time to actually understand the concepts of facebook and slack bots , (especially slack) and get back here.

Till then. Stay Woke.

I just love this.

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