Obomighie Sophie
Nov 5 · 1 min read

The reading of today is about Joseph who is now a big man👑 in Egypt and his brothers who sold him,come to Egypt to look for food because of the famine in their land.
Lo and behold, they are standing in front of the "small rat" 🐀they sold a long time ago.Joseph, immediately recognises them but sadly, they don’t.

Joseph weeps bitterly, twice😪😭 and is so emotional ♥and immediately sees God’s hands 🙏 in his life. Well, he forgives them and asks them not to despair 😪over their past.

Join me today in Obeying 🙏🏾Joseph👑. Let us quit worrying about our past.🙅🙅‍♂

The past is a harvest 🌽🧺🌾lost but the present👩‍🌾 is a fertile land👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 that has the capacity to yield good fruit 🌾🌽🥔🍍🍐🍊 if we believe in our abilities through Christ👑👑 sprinkled with a lot of optimisim The present could also be another wasted land if we sulk all day and keep on complaining about lost crops. 🌽🌾

You have the seeds🌽🌱🌱 in your hands, the Lord of the harvest 🌿🌴🌾🌱🍍👨‍🌾will send down the rain only if you plant those seeds and plant them well.

Stand up 💫🌟and do 💪🏾 exactly what should be done while embracing the consequences of the past with optimism and humility.🤠

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