A short article for a Big feast

Obomighie Sophie
Jan 6 · 2 min read

Today, 6th January, the Roman Catholic church celebrates the Epiphany of Jesus Christ with special reference to the Wise men. Epiphany means ‘Revelation from Above’.

This is a day set out to Celebrate the Revelation of the Divinity by the rejoicing of the angels , Kingship by way of the Gold presented and Sacrifice by way of the herbs, myrrh and frankincense which were used for burial preparation in those days. It also marks the end of the 12 day Christmas season.

Even though the Holy Bible says nothing more about them including their number, we can see that they were intelligent in the literal sense, wise, wealthy, faithful and courageous.They were able to identify the Conspicuous star as having some form of relevance and followed it with a lot of faith and diligence. They found baby Jesus and worshipped him. These Maggi or 3 wise men as we like to say acted on God’s message to them and never went back to King Herod.

This is something we can learn from.

Rectitude of intention.

These wise men would have gone back to Herod so as to win his favour but they understood the only person whose opinion of them mattered is God. They acted for the glory of God and in total obedience.

May the Lord give us the grace to do all things for his glory and do them well.

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