On a personal note: Leaving Point Nine

As some of you might know already I’m leaving Point Nine Capital to start a new chapter of my professional life. When I moved to Berlin some 4 years ago to join the team, we were 4 people sitting in a tiny room that our portfolio company Delivery Hero had sub-rented to Point Nine. Christoph and Pawel had just raised their first institutional money and they were starting to build an investment team (or better: starting to build a company) that I was fortunate enough to be an early part of. Back then, in the early summer 2013, I would never have imagined what happened and what we’ve managed to build until today. It still seems like a dream to me and it feels like it was yesterday. I am incredibly grateful and humbled that I could be a small part of it and contribute to building out the Point Nine Family internationally.

First and a foremost, I am deeply thankful and humbled for having met and worked with all the amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs, their companies and their teams over the last years — both, those backed by Point Nine as well as those that did not end up taking an investment from the firm. The list would be too long to name you all here but you know who you are. Thank you so much for your trust and sharing a part of your journey with me — I learned a great deal from you and would never want to miss that!

There are many more people that I am grateful I’ve met them over the years fellow VCs and corporate investors, business angels and other business partners. I wouldn’t be where I am without all your advice, deeds, friendship and support. Thank you for being a part of my journey to become a better investor and — hopefully — a better person overall.

So what’s next? One of the things I’ve enjoyed most as a VC was working closely with the companies and the teams we’ve backed to help them grow their (marketplace) business from the early days on. After having spent the last 8 years on the rather “comfortable” investment side (a.k.a. “the dark side of the force”) in various roles in Venture Capital and Corporate M&A (shout out to my former colleagues at ricardo and Naspers), I had the feeling and felt the urge that it’s about time to switch to the “operational” side and help building a business “from the inside”. I will stay a small part of the European tech ecosystem and look forward to keeping in close touch with all of you.

I am thrilled to join one of the most exciting European early stage marketplace businesses backed by awesome investors in order to support them expanding internationally. At Uniplaces, I will be leading operations in Germany as the General Manager. In that role, I will stay in Berlin and I am excited about building out our new local team here. I was lucky enough to meet the company a few years ago and followed them ever since. I’ve been deeply impressed by what they have achieved and, today, I am even more excited about their mission and vision — all of which makes me believe that the company will rank high on Point Nine’s anti-portfolio. ;-) I am especially keen to hear from you if you would like to be part of that journey and join the team.

As far as my (scarce) time and own resources permit, I’ll also remain in the investment community as an angel investor — of course with a focus on marketplace businesses — and mentor/advisor for entrepreneurs and other startups.

I don’t know what the future holds for me but I know that investing in tech-startups has been and will always be my passion. Hence, I am sure that this is not a farewell (from VC) forever.

I hope to continue working with many of you in whatever capacity I can going forward. If you’d like to chat more or just want to say hello then feel free to email me: mathias.ockenfels@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you and I am incredibly excited about what lies ahead.