Why I don’t care about your unpopular opinion anymore.

#UnpopularOpinion ()

At the beginning of this year I stopped using facebook and instagram and promised myself to never touch it again. Thus far, I kept my promise, but ever since, I‘m compensating by increased Twitter usage. On Twitter I noticed a growing trend within the global community of tech VCs of…

An open-source guide to rate the viability, sustainability and overall attractiveness of your network effects-driven early stage startup

TL;DR: Click to access the & get the . Join us for to learn more about how investors assess early-stage marketplace startups.

Overarching segments of the Marketplace Scorecard (“excel-version”)

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about a more systematic approach in (early stage) Venture…

We’re releasing the preliminary program of on November 28th 2018 in Berlin. Be quick to secure one of the few remaining . to fill the remaining slot with an outstanding female speaker.

We’re very excited to share with you the agenda of the on November 28th 2018 in Berlin. Before diving into detail, on behalf of and our partners Market One Capital, Point Nine Capital and Autotech Ventures, I would like to send…

Mathias Ockenfels

I ❤️ network effects @Speedinvest X | Alumni: @Uniplaces @PointNineCap @Naspers @ricardo_ch | Passion for startups, 🏍🥋🥊 ☕️🍫🏃 | VAMO

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