OcNet AirDrop Campaign is Alive!

Welcome to Participate in OcNet Airdrop.

OcNet is an Decentralized Network Access Ecosystem which provides dAPPs full service capacity includes extremely fast transmission, high volume storage, secure payment, and privacy protection.

To build the OcNet ecosystem and encourage people joining this community, we will launch the airdrop at 0:00am (UTC time) on Nov 5th 2018. A minimum of 150 OCNET tokens per person will be awarded upon completion of all the mission.


1.Telegram robot developed by OcNet team will guide you through all the Airdrop process.

2. Token of this Airdrop is OCNET (all capitals)

How to Participate

1 Open the OcNet Airdrop page https://ocnet.io/airdrop

(Note: copy the link to browser to open) .

Click the red button in the middle of the page to start Telegram and enter the dialogue page with the OcNet robot. (As shown in Figure 1)

Figure 1
Figure 2

Airdrop Process

“Users go through airdrop process guided by Telegram robot. Each time a task is completed, users get rewarded by certain amount of OCNET tokens. ”

TASK 1(get 50 OCNET)
1 Join OcNet Official Group (OcNet Official)
2 Answer OcNet related questions correctly
- Operation Diagram -
Step1: On the dialogue page with the Telegram robot, enter your ETH wallet address, and you will receive Congrats message when you finish.
(As shown in Figure 3)
Step2: Click on the link of Telegram Group to join OcNet Official Group (OcNet Official). In the official group (OcNet Official), enter /task to start the automatic question and answer process.
(As shown in Figure 4)
Step3: You will get OCNET tokens as reward of answering all the questions correctly.
(As shown in Figure 5)
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5

Task 2 (get 50 OCNET)
1 Follow OcNet official Twitter
2 Re-tweet OcNet airdrop tweets
- Operation Diagram -
Step1: After answering questions in task1, go back to the OcNet Airdop robot dialog interface. Click the start button at the bottom to start task2.
(As shown in Figure 6)
Step2: Follow the official OcNet account on Twitter and re-tweet the specified airdrop tweets.
(As shown in Figure 7)
Step3: After completing the above operation, enter your Twitter account (such as @octopus_network) in the dialog box to get the token reward.
(As shown in Figure 8)
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8

Task 3(get 50 OCNET)
Share links with friends so they can participate in OcNet Airdrop
- Operation Diagram -
Step1: After entering the Twitter account in task2, you will get a Referral Link. Share this link with your friends.When your friend complete the airdrop, you and your friend will both receive extra 50 OCNET as referral reward.
(As shown in Figure 8)
Step2: When your friends share their Referral Link to others, you earn additional 25 OCNET for everyone participates through that link.

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