Low Cost Pest Control Service in Simi Valley, California

Our O’Connor Simi Valley Pest Control technicians understand your issues and know how to get to the root of the issue in just a day. We are committed to ensuring your home or business in Simi Valley CA are pest and or termite free after we’ve worked on the job. Our mission is to provide friendly, reliable service in Simi Valley that creates solutions to our customer’s pest and or termite issues. All of our work is done with eco-smart products, so you can rest assure your home or business isn’t harmed by toxic chemicals. In the end, our pest control company in Simi Valley saves you time and money because we know how to get the job done in just one service. Our staff consists of highly experienced pest & termite professionals in Simi Valley CA with over 60 years of industry experience.

We offer affordable pest & termite control solutions for homes and businesses in Simi Valley CA. O’Connor Pest Control Simi Valley has been in business for 60+ years and we continue to be committed to excellent pest control and customer service. We offer one-time or recurring, bi-monthly check-ins for your pest control, inspections and treatment needs in Simi Valley. We always use eco-smart products to ensure your workzones are free of toxic chemicals. Pests can be a deadly issue for commercial and agricultural business, because some pests are carriers of diseases that are harmful to humans, your building and your crops. Failure to keep your premises in Simi Valley CA pest free can result in their closure and fines for each offense.

It can also be detrimental to your growing season. When you rely heavily on your crops to make you income, your crops to make you income it’s important to keep your crops pest free. Pest management needs to be carried out in a professional manner and on a continued basis throughout the year, if control is to be effective. Frequent observation that allows early detection of potential problems will permit effective and economical pest control solutions in Simi Valley. O’Connor pest control simi valley ca offers a wide-range of competitive commercial, industrial and agricultural pest control services to meet even the most demanding working operations. We always use eco-smart products to ensure your workzones are free of toxic chemicals.

We bring solutions and peace of mind to our clients with our same day pest control service in Simi Valley CA. All of the products we use are eco-friendly, because we believe comfort and safety should not come at a cost to the earth. Whatever your pest or termite needs are, O’Connor Pest Control Simi Valley is committed to eliminating your pest or termite issue. We have certified and skilled exterminators in Simi Valley CA with new techniques and product available for the elimination of pest from your domestic and commercial property in Simi Valley, California.