Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2019

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Jan 30, 2019 · 9 min read

So 2019 is starting and it is time that we discuss the trends in the arena of mobile application development witnessed all year around. Technology wise, it has been a great year and it won’t be wrong to say that we progressed pretty well and came up with many a trends in the domain of mobile app development, be it the usage of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and what not; this year has been abundant in that sense.

In this article, we will take you through the year telling what all technologies changed the game of mobile app development and how and made the businesses prosper and ensure maximum growth. So let’s begin.

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These are the top 10 trends which were witnessed this year:

  1. Augmented Reality:

Well, we can only say that the possibilities offered by Augmented Reality has really no end and every year it tends to surprise us with something new or the other. Now going by the recent report coming from Digi-Capital, by next year, AR/VR in all possibility will hit $150bn, where Augmented Reality will take somewhere around $120 billion & VR will take $30 billion. Hence, it is clear that the stakes are high for AR.

Last year, 2018, the year was reserved by Apple & Google as they banked on development & accessibility of AR. And this time as Apple has introduced ARKit & ARCore being launched by Google in the market, there are two sturdy platforms present for AR application development for the mobile devices. Going by the fact that a number of marketers consider AR as a mean to offer an engaging UX, there could soon be abundant creative Augmented Reality applications. After all mobile app marketing is as crucial as app development and without having a great marketing strategy to launch your app, you will fail to enamour the audience. Hence, there are all the chances of marketers utilizing the AR possibility for marketing to the fullest.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

So Artificial Intelligence is one thing that is unstoppable and keeps on garnering attention from all quarters. It came as a boon to technology and the popularity of mobile applications have now reached another level with the integration of Artificial Intelligence technology into them. Apart from making the mobile apps smarter, these apps are also significant in helping firms save huge sum of money. Artificial Intelligence has played a pivotal role in helping firms register exponential growth in productivity with the mean of putting in less money in resources.

These apps can ably leverage technology through chatbots and by learning behaviour pattern of the users to offer much more personalized experience. Gartner research states that chatbots would be able to save $8 billion for firms between the period of 2018 to 2020. Additionally, the mobile apps can also be integrated to the technology of Artificial Intelligence for better assistance to users in the customer support services. An AI program, Duplex was also introduced by Google, and it was able to make calls on behalf of the humans for tasks like fixing salon appointment, and a lot more. With this it is clear that AI is evolving tremendously fast in order to benefit app industry.

It is even stated in a report that by the time we enter in 2020, Chatbots would be seen take care of 85 percent of tasks related to customer service. Be it IoT, Cyber security, Intelligent Apps, or Virtual Personal Assistant (VPAs), we can expect that all component of technology arena employ the AI capabilities into its processes. Another report from IDA (International Data Corporation states that AI market will be experiencing a revenue growth of more than $47 billion by the year 2020.

3. Cloud-based Mobile Applications:

Integrating cloud technology during the development process can do wonders to the mobile apps. Hence, ensure that you do so while creating mobile apps for your business. There are countless benefits offered by the cloud technology integrated in mobile apps, with few of them being the mainstream technique such as increased productivity & collaboration, enhancement on the apps’ storage capacity, reduced equipment & hosting costs and streamlined operations. Thus, adapting to the cloud technology is greatly beneficial in order to make your mobile app function seamlessly across various platforms.

The cloud technology, when integrated to your apps can help in storing tonnes of data quickly and easily as well as is useful in executing the difficult tasks. This is the reasons that most apps that have an enormous database use the Amazon Web Service (AWS) as their cloud computing backup. This way they succeed to increase speed, security, processing power and reliability of their mobile apps and are able to efficiently handle huge sum of data.

4. Chat-bots:

Soon enough Chatbots be a revolution of a kind, as businesses were begun to realize how much they can contribute to their growth and success in the arena of technology. Even though, so far just a few apps in the category of around 2 million apps in Apple App store and 2.2 million mobile apps in Google Play Store have employed this highly-efficient technology, but soon the number would be escalating as many more would be employing chatbots in order to facilitate enhanced UX/UI service in mobile apps.

Despite the fact that so far you have survived without Chatbots, but if you are desiring to bring revolutionary change in your business then Chatbots would be instrumental and that is why much of it was seen in 2018, with businesses finally realizing what difference these bots are able to make. Thus, already bots have earned accolades from users for their ability to offer quick & precise answers. Especially, bots can be further be instrumental for businesses like cab facility, food delivery, online shopping and beauty shopping and this is why businesses in these arenas are already working on integrating chatbots to their app system. This way, customers can get their queries resolved without having to call customer care.

A report states that this year Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri appeared to be smarter serving numerous new features that brought ease to people’s lives by being of great assistance in accomplishing daily tasks.

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages:

In collaboration with Twitter, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is among the latest projects from Google. Basically, it is a stripped-down version of HTML that aims at accelerating mobile page speed. It was hugely helpful for the developers as they created heavy web pages/websites across the mobile devices with high performance, lower bounce rates, and fast loading speed. This initiative from open-source enable better performance to web content and ad that appear on your websites/apps. It was on February 24, 2016, that Google went on to official integrate AMP listings into its mobile search results.

Developers highly praised it for its assistance in reducing the web pages load-time on mobile which influence other aspects as well. A good AMP score is useful in acquiring decreased bounce rate, better conversion rate, increased user retention and enhance user experience. Improved AMP of the website will be helpful in getting increased visibility on search engine so to gain more traffic to website. Just recent, the announcement was made by Google that the platform would be offering a mobile search box that will be helpful for users in finding mobile-friendly webpages and websites. For the same, developers would require to ensure that their web pages and websites are compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages.

6. Mobile Wallets:

With online banking and eCommerce making a full-fledged entry among the users, there is obviously increased usage of online payments, owing to the ease they provide. And now with Google Wallet and Apple Pay arriving, customers have even welcomed this concept of mobile wallets with open arms, yes welcome ‘m-commerce’. Even blockchain has made a surprise entry into mobile payments and it powers the mobile apps with better options for secured money transactions.

Reports even has that Samsung is soon to introduce a better scan & pay technique in order to make money transactions and bill payments way more convenient. Additionally, one can expect much more advanced payment options in coming year.

Meanwhile, what makes wallet apps safe is the encrypted security they offer ensuring that the money spent by users is secure. What led to the increased usage of mobile wallet trend is the internet payment systems requiring fast & much more secure channels to make money transactions. Like in case of Apple, it came up with Apple Pay in iOS 11 that leads users to a much more trustworthy way to make transactions. Besides, news has that Apple is presently involved in making out a peer-to-peer money payment system via Apple Pay.

7. Instant Apps:

It was at Google I/O 2016, when Google introduced this new feature in their devices named “Instant Apps”, which were launched with this one aim to make the usage of Android app easier for users without having to download it. They could try out the app via Play Store and then only download it if they feel it is of good use to them and if they have necessary storage in their device. A number of apps which have taken this initiative are Periscope, Buzzfeed, Viki & Wish, to name a few and there will be many more in the future.

8. Wearable Apps:

Today wearable like smartwatches and others, enjoy a market of their own, with many of the devices offering standalone features, others need some support from mobile, like as is the case with Apple’s offering Watch OS 4, as this Apple Watch requires iPhone’s network to make calls. Besides, in most devices, users deliberately like to have their wearanles synchronized with their mobile devices in order to access data easily.

9. Internet of Things (IoT):

This technology is not new and had already made its mark last year itself, with it being integrated by many business already. IoT enables usage of the sensor technologies in the non-IT devices so to enable remote control, monitoring & automation. As there are a number of IoT apps present out there, it has become much evident that developers have full-fledged adopted this technology and intend to continue with this in the coming times as well. Mainly, IoT is an obvious choice as it comes to the remote devices. There are a number of IoT devices which rely already on mobile devices for data syndication, mainly in the case of consumer IoT. Now with this surge of overall use of Internet of Things, we can expect many more apps to come up to manage these devices.

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10. Security:

Today mobile app developers are more inclined towards the enterprise mobile security. As we can see a big surge in the prominence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in the workplaces, there is an evident risk of enterprise mobile apps being harmed by the employees’ personal devices. Thus, we can see developers making good efforts in this arena to secure the application’s code from the ground up. Besides, there is a rise in the awareness regarding better usage of authorizations & encryption as well.

Final Note: Going by all of these trends in the year 2019, we can say the in the coming year as well we can expect the technology market to expand at a great speed. Also take note of the fact that due to this rapid speed, there will be some intense competition between the developers & mobile app makers.

In order to ensure that you remain a part of the race and take your business to new accomplishments, be ready to joined the bandwagon of new trends as you plan on launching new products in the market.

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