Microsoft looks forward to blend your digital world with your real world with HoloLens!

Microsoft has surprised the world with several of its inventions and now again it looks forward to introduce a revolutionary technology to the world. With HoloLens, Microsoft goes a step ahead, blending your digital world with your real world.

Technology has forever been a part of our lives and HoloLens is a mean to break down the walls between technology and people. In an event where Windows 10 was unveiled, Microsoft presented a glimpse of HoloLens and made the audience experience the Windows Holographic last January.

Windows Holographic will be launched through a headset device named HoloLens, which is a stand-alone augmented reality (AR) headset that projects computer generated objects into your real-world environment. Microsoft claims that HoloLens is the first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer enabling high-definition holograms to come to life in your world and seamlessly putting together with your physical places and things. Also called ‘mixed reality’, this device will be a computer having CPU, GPU, sensors and an HD screen that users can wear like virtual reality glasses.

In the recent past, we came across the invention of Google Glass and Mark Zuckerberg even intends to engross Facebook users into 3D videos through the Oculus virtual reality headset. This signal towards the fact that the future of computers is beyond the screen.

What change will HoloLens bring in?

Now you can transform your world with HoloLens. Having knowledge of the user’s environment, it provides a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Besides, it is going to enable users to interact with holographic images, play wholly immersive video games and build 3D models. This allows you to come across new ways to visualize your work, to play or bring your imagination into reality.

Can you just think of how great it would be to create things which you imagine or how would it be when you experience HoloLens superimposing holograms on your surroundings allowing interaction. There will be use of an array of motion senses, as well as a Kinect-style camera to recognize the surroundings and find out the location of the wearer in the room. Besides, it would be easy to recognize objects as it will work with gesture and voice controls. It is going to be autonomous and wireless.

HoloLens will be enabled by Windows 10 and then a program named HoloStudio helps in creating experiences and apps. With its assistance you can even turn your holograms into physical objects thanks to 3D printing. Windows 10 exclusively supports holographic computing with APIs that facilitate gaze, gesture, voice and, and environmental understanding on an untethered device.

Perception of developers over HoloLens

Seasoned developers have a say that Microsoft has attained a huge success by producing the illusion of a solid object appearing in front of you. Many of web design and development companies are looking at this prospect very eagerly. Its tracking is excellent as well, though the company must work on the “transparency” issue, or ensure that solid images appear before you.

Many have views that HoloLens can be perceived as a natural extension of Microsoft’s Kinect, but with this latest technology they need to ensure the presence of the software to validate the existence of the hardware. Looking at the wider perspective, it won’t be wrong to say that it will need some time for this technology to execute correctly and offer wonderful experienced as assured.

Speaking of the shortcomings, developers must work on providing visual and audio clues to the developers as they will need some sort of feedback. At the same time, users who have trouble in making movements are going to struggle with applications requiring gesture control, whereas different real world lighting, materials or colors can also affect the art style of the holograms.

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