Best Note-Taking Apps for Android Phone

Keeping a track of every little thing is simply not possible and this is the reason note taking apps are hugely in trend. If you look online, you’ll find several of note taking apps available absolutely free of cost and this is certainly going to ease stress and tension. You just have to download such application on your smartphone or tablet and here you get the best solution to all your problems.

Here we present a list of top Five Note Taking application for Android phones:

Evernote (free of cost)
You can easily download this wonderful free of cost app on your smartphone or computer. It’s able to store everything which you desire to not lose track of, like airplane boarding pass, any kind of receipt, article you’re keen on reading, your to-do-list or any regular typed note. This brilliant app keeps everything you desire to keep in sync between your smartphone, computer or tablet. This is certainly an app for note taking, sorting out and archiving and is gaining prominence in the Android phone industry.

Features of Evernote:

  • Whooping 1,379,927 downloads
  • Writes notes, checklists and even research
  • Organizes your web photos, articles and documents
  • Share work with members of your team directly from the app
  • Facilitates file attach: Office Docs, PDFs, photos
  • Helps plan travel
  • Keeps track of expenses by attach bills as well as receipts
  • Access your work from PC located anywhere
  • Premium version available with more features

Google Keep
Now quickly record everything that is on your mind and you are going to get a reminder later on bang on time. It facilitates recording of a voice memo on it which can be automatically transcribed. For instance, you can record surprise party remind for a friend or even list of gifting ideas for your close friends. Apart from thus, it’s even easier to share ideas with friends and family. So this way you things happen quickly for you.

Features of Google Keep:

  • 485,672 downloads so far
  • Add notes, photographs and checklists
  • Records the voice memo
  • Facilitates note sharing with friends as well as family
  • Color as well as add labels to lend codes to the notes
  • The work gets in sync with your smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Offering setting-up of location based remainders
  • Reach Google Keep on web from just about anywhere

One Note by Microsoft
You can use this free of cost application with all your device be it a smartphone, tablet or your PC. Everything you record on it, will go everywhere you do. Also the notes are easily shared for viewing and editing. Besides, all your notes are easily seen together in recent view. 
 Features of One Note by Microsoft

  • Enter voice notes from your Android watch
  • Create and update notes and checklists
  • Format your notes just as you do on computer
  • Take handwritten notes
  • Sync notes across computers and devices
  • Search for text inside pictures
  • Collaborate your ideas with your team

ColorNote Notepad Notes 
Simplify your app via this amazing app presenting a pleasant picture of a good notepad editing experience. You can easily use and download it on your Smartphone free of cost.

Features of ColorNote Notepad Notes

  • Notes are organized by colors
  • Introduces the all new sticky note memo widget
  • Checklist for GTD (get things done), To do list, Shopping list
  • Organize your schedule with option of calendar Creates
  • journal or diary
  • Password protection

This striking note takes and edits platform available for Smartphone users offering the facility of password protection.

Features of Notepad Notes

  • Search notes and drawings
  • Automatically saves your notes
  • Drawing feature is available
  • Password Protection
  • Video note facility
  • Exquisite background colors for purpose of personalization

These were among the few examples of note taking applications for your Android phone which are going to make your life a lot easier.

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