Why the new iPhone 8 and X are better than any other smartphone

2017 came upon us with great smartphone offerings, some were great all-rounders while others were adept at harnessing simplicity. Some did great to please the audiophiles while others brought satisfaction to the creative side of you; the consumer.

September saw an end to months of endless rumors and leaks about the latest release from the tech giant; Apple. IPhone X and IPhone 8 were not the first impressive offerings to land this year as the monstrous S8 and Note 8 have had a major head start. All the rumors that hovered and plagued the internet turned out to be not-surprisingly, accurate. Hence, confirming the new features, performance and even the price. Although we knew quite a lot about it ahead of time, we were utterly flabbergasted by the speed and performance tests that apple’s new in-house A11 bionic chip delivered.

Although there will be no scarcity of naysayers, what follows are some of the many motives and rationale why iPhone 8 and X are superior to many other smartphones.

The Geekbench (one of the most well-known benchmark tests) scores for iPhone line up of 2017 were through the ceiling making it seemingly impossible. The sky high scores even say that they just might beat the score for a MacBook pro- Apple’s own high-end notebook lineup. The Geekbecnh tests give a clear cut picture for a devices/ capabilities and real-life speed and performance, which in this case, surpass then many top android phones on the market. #Takethatandroid

  1. Superior Integration of Software and Hardware.

Apple’s 3D touch technology is a marvel amongst apple fans as well as the rivals. It’s the first time someone took the capability of software and the beauty of a hardware and merged it seamlessly into one functionality. IPhone users can take quick actions just by long-pressing an app icon and perform various tasks without even having to open the app completely. #convenient #Takethatandroid

The grand Tug-of-war between top mobile design philosophies have pulled many non-lovers towards iPhone, again. iPhone X’s first-time adaptation to OLED screen marketed by apple as “Super Retina Display”, is a beauty to behold and the edge to edge screen is definitely a cherry topper. The 5.8 inch screen fills the hands yet fits the palm just as the previous iPhone you loved did, as opposed to humongous displays offered by the competitors. #Takethatandroid.

Both the iPhone 8 and X host 12 MP sensors and an apple design ISP which improves the low light autofocus and reduces noise for good measures. The 8 plus comes with a marginally improved version of the telephoto lens in 7 plus sporting a f-stop of 1.8 on its wide angle lens and f-stop of 2.4 on its telephoto lens. The icing on the cake is the optical image stabilization on both the cameras while the last iteration had OIS only in it wide-angle counterpart. #Takethatandroid

These and many other features make the iPhone 8 and X stand out from the competition and surely they are about to give everyone bang for their buck.

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