Facebook Messenger adds Camera; Ups game against Snapchat

The tech giant, Facebook took a big move by acquiring Instagram in 2012. Now it has again launched an attack against its rival Snapchat by coming up with camera feature in its Messenger. The new camera feature is easy to use and encompasses wide array of filters, masks, stickers and frames.

Here’ we will give you a short brief about the new Facebook Messenger Camera features:

Swipe to Access: It is so easy to open this Facebook Messenger camera. You can pull down from anywhere on inbox of the Messenger app, click on overlaid shutter button. You can even click on camera icon in threads, and the camera will open for you. As you just have to swipe to click pictures, this camera instantly captures lovely moments of your life.

Stylized Shutter Button: The camera comes with lovely seasonal creative tools which you just cannot miss. Usually there is a transparent shutter button which is located on top of the inbox. But on festive occasions it will have new effects such as holiday gift wrapping etc.

Click First and Pick your friends Later: Rather than picking a thread and then clicking a picture, you capture the content first. After that you select various friends or group chats to which you desire to send a distribution screen akin to Snapchat.

Style Transfers, Selfie Masks, and Effects: Prior to clicking any picture, you can infuse various Snapchat-style 3D selfie masks or filters which will make your photographs look like beautiful paintings. You can also add environmental effects.

Art Picker: After clicking pictures, tap on Smiley icon located on top of the camera screen. You will have a tray of different art in front of you. They are put into categories such as “I’m Doing,” “I’m Feeling” and “Who’s Up For?,” these amalgamate art as well as utility and turn dull text messages into striking imagery.

Props: You can also add props to the pictures such as put eyeglasses, or a hat or a beard etc. These can be pasted on your face. Get hold of a multi-piece disguise and then resize various pieces separately so that they fit your head.

Type, Doodle or Sticker: You can make your images interesting a adding text or drawing or any of Messenger’s striking stickers.

Blank Canvas: In case you do not desire to click a picture, option to swipe sideways is there. You can just click palette button in order to have solid color canvas in front of you. Here you can write whatever you want or decorate with stickers of your choice.

So go ahead, use the all new Camera feature, just click open the app, tap on the Camera button and here you go clicking hundred of pictures. Capture moments and create memories for lifetime. Akin to Sanpchat add filters like candy canes or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Nevertheless, photos on Messenger do not self-destruct automatically. This update might not really affect 60 million users of Snapchat but it has definitely infused fresh air into Facebbok Messenger.

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