Why WordPress is The Right Start (and The Future)?

WordPress was started as a blogging platform 12 years back. Now, it is one of the most popular and powerful Content Management Systems (CMSs) of the world. According to the its official website, 25% of the web are powered by WordPress.

If you think that WordPress is only suited for personal websites and blogs, think again. Some of the biggest companies and news websites, such as TechCrunch, Forbes, and Mashable, use this publishing platform.
Where do you fit in? Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org?

Well, I will help you figure out, but first understand the basic difference between the two hosting choices that WordPress provides. 
It offers its publishing platform in two forms, Wordpress.org and WordPress.com (or Wordpress). The latter comes with free hosting while the former is a self-hosted version. In simple words, if you opt for WordPress.com all you need to do is select a domain, pick a theme, and start writing. Your website’s url will appear like this: mywebsite.wordpress.com. However, you can also pick a custom domain to remove “.wordpress” from the url. All the maintenance and backup tasks will be taken care by the vendor itself i.e. WordPress. You can compare it with other blogging platforms such as Blogspot, or tumblr.

The con? Flexibility.

You cannot customize themes (the theme options are also limited) or model the website as per your wish. The number of plugins is limited, so is the flexibility. WordPress.com suits the need of personal blog and simple information websites.

WordPress.org plugs the hole by offering a range of choices to the users, including giving them the liberty to choose his or her own theme from any third-party WP theme developers.

It offers a free CMS but handovers the task of hosting to you. You are free to choose your domain, hosting platform, themes, and plugins. If you are a web developer, you can design your own theme and install on WordPress.org or can outsource to companies, like us, offering end-to-end WordPress development.

You can also use a number of plugins to empower your website with additional functionality such as “analytics” to track the number of hits on your website, plugin for capturing visitor’s mail address through a pop-up window, a social media sharing plugin that lets users share the content, or a plugin that helps you in creating an SEO optimized webpage/blogpost.

If hosting is something you are afraid of, there are many companies that have made it a cakewalk. You can easily purchase a domain, buy a hosting service, link your domain to the hosting account, and you are good to go. 
Why WordPress for your business?

You don’t need to lurk into codes if you want to change your web content, be it a slideshow or subtitle. This is precisely the task of content management system. You can change almost any content simple through an interface that is as easy as that of a blogging platform.

WordPress.org combines the customization choices available in traditional website development with the benefits of CMS. In the initial phase of website development you can easily change visual elements, text, or other graphical images, or add a blog. You can use a number of plugin to analyze what works best for you.

Should you outsource?

It depends on whether you are just testing the waters or really want to go all-in (in terms of your efforts and not money). WordPress.com needs nothing more than a basic knowledge of user-interface while WordPress.org demands a good amount of time and technical expertise, especially if you want to create a website from the scratch.

While the content part can easily be handled in-house without a lot of resources, outsourcing, if handed over to a professional company, takes care of all the issues related to hosting, theme, security, payment gateway, backup and maintenance in order to give you a tailor-made website as per your needs and allows you to concentrate more on the content.


Being the powerhouse for some of the notable and noteworthy websites around the world, WordPress is extending brilliant capabilities to web developers and non-techies alike. It could be not only a perfect starting point for your business but also an equally perfect platform to serve you well when you scale up the operation.

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