UXploration: Buying a House

So, my wife and I have recently purchased our first house. It was a pretty crazy of a whirlwind of a process. A lot of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement strewn along the way. While it is fresh in my mind, I thought it’d be nice to map out a quick draft of the process.

Some things to consider

  • As mentioned, there were quite a bit of emotions that surfaced throughout the process. An iteration of this diagram would definitely involve pointing out these emotions/pain points/etc.
  • Excludes other steps that may happen before or in parallel to placing an offer (e.g. pre-qualification, pre-approval, etc.).
  • This simplifies the contingencies as procedural. That is, it presents contingencies as a step when there are some contingencies that are performed asynchronously to the rest of the house buying process (e.g. financial contingency). It also black boxes the contingencies.
  • This was a brief exercise in mapping the house buying process. As such, it will require additional iterations to consider steps missed or oversimplified. It’s also a representative of the process from my personal experience and not representative of the population at large that buy houses.
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