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COVID-19: Five Financial Realities Every Nigerian Can Relate To

The global pandemic has brought along with its spread, lockdowns which have resulted in not only health, social and economic challenges but also financial ones too. More means of earning and saving are shrinking and for many, newer realities are emerging some of which were known but not adhered to before and for others completely new ones.

Here are five of such financial or money realities that COVID-19 has shown us Nigerians.

Having multiple sources of income is the sure way

The COVID-19 pandemic is a key reminder that the average Nigerian cannot rely on one means of income only. Economic implications have made employers relieve some staff of their services and for those who do not get a new job quickly, the future days may not be convenient. …

The global day of love is here again and as St.Valentine’s day takes center stage, we’re quite aware that your funds will also have to show up for you. While our former culture was to push all expenses to the male figures, recent feminine empowerment moves have made a case for women to own up the bills. Come to think of it, love is not one sex sided? Both have roles to play.

Being your savings buddy, our goal is to help you find ways to cut your spending and increase your savings. …

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Most Nigerians live for their salaries but still yet struggle to make ends meet. A simple solution to this is to start a side hustle.

A side hustle can be anything you are passionate about and can easily do. However, to start one, you will need some form of financing i.e capital.

To get the capital for starting a said hustle, the easiest is to save consistently towards it as a goal.

Luckily, you have Octa to help you with that. Download the app and get to saving.
Need help, our DM is open. You can also chat with us on WhatsApp 09070071220

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