7 ways to Spend Wisely This Val

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The global day of love is here again and as St.Valentine’s day takes center stage, we’re quite aware that your funds will also have to show up for you. While our former culture was to push all expenses to the male figures, recent feminine empowerment moves have made a case for women to own up the bills. Come to think of it, love is not one sex sided? Both have roles to play.

Being your savings buddy, our goal is to help you find ways to cut your spending and increase your savings. We do solemnly pledge to abide by that mantra — without making you lose out on love (as par the season).

So here goes, 7 ways to spend less on valentine's day.

1. Save money by dining at home — Instead of going out on a dinner date where you’ll be paying heavily for meals and drinks- not forgetting traffic (if you’ll be driving) and cab-hailing services’ recent price hike due to the okada ban, dinning at home becomes a wiser and less expensive option plus you spend quality time with your significant other.

2. Visit somewhere that connects you both– Val day mustn’t be spent in exotic restaurants or locations only. You can make the day memorable by visiting somewhere you and your partner have in common with e.g where you first met, had your first kiss, or where you spent your honeymoon. The idea is to visit somewhere that connects and spikes a memory in you both.

3. Spend from a budget — sounds lame but hear us out. The wisest finance advice anyone can give you on spending is to do so with a budget. If you’ve been saving in advance, you would have had a sizeable budget by now. The fact that such futuristic savings are hinged on planning also make sit even more fun. An example of digital savings is Octa’s Autosave.

4. Take out time to engage in each other’s fav activity

It is almost a certainty that you and your partner each have things you both enjoy that the other doesn’t like. An example is how men like electronic games and women cooking. A good way to enjoy Val is to switch roles with the other partner doing what the opposite enjoys — with the other partner providing moral support of course. The bonding would be long-lasting.

5. Shop before Val’s day — Last minute shopping is usually expensive, so shopping for what you need to make the day memorable can be done days before. You may even get discounts and deals you never expected.

6. Make a huge sacrifice — A special sacrifice you can make on Val’s day is dropping something you are used to doing every other day and devote full attention to each other. This might sound easy but trust me it isn’t. Imagine switching off your phones, shutting down laptops and tablets etc. for the whole day. These are strong addictions so sacrificing them just to give your spouse full attention is priceless.

7. D-I-Y everything — For those who are broke and still want to show some love, you may consider the Do-It-Yourself route by giving your loved something handmade like a card, note or dish.

The urge to spend over a loved one may be very high bringing you to the point of withdrawing from your savings. We fully understand, Afterall, it is the season of love. Here’s what you can do. Use the Quicksave feature to balance up your deductions because another expense is around the corner and you shouldn’t be caught unprepared.

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