8 Ways of Spending Less On Weekends (And What You Can Do Instead)

Sep 6 · 3 min read

Do you usually find yourself spending more during weekends? Yes or NO.

Hey guys, we know how weekends are in Nigeria. Owanbes, parties and if you think you’re free because you are home, food, data and fuel expenses won’t let one rest. The typical weekend is an expense in waiting. If you want to break off from this trend, here are 8 things you can do to spend less on weekends.

1. Stay at home: This is so lame, right? But hear this, the moment you step outside your gate you’re literarily spending already. Stay at home, spend time with the family or enjoy a ‘me’ time.

2. Bulk spend with friends: Instead of going on lone drinking, shopping or partying spree, go with friends. This may save you some bucks. If everyone pulls resources together and bargain, you may just end up saving than if you had done it alone.

3. Have a ‘weekend goals’ plan: Most people save up for big things but forget that it’s the little things that count more. Saving towards a special weekend can be a worthwhile goal. As a bit of advice, use a savings platform like Octa. Set aside comfortable sums saved consistently over time and enjoy up to 13% interest on it. Think you’ll need this, #GetOcta

4. Plan your trips: If you do ever need to visit more than one place, ensure to plan the trip in such a way that you can touch all places and return home on time without having to branch or doing unscheduled stop. Also, plan your trip around a budget (which you can create as a savings goal in Octa).

5. Pack along some snack: Ensure to put biscuits, sweets, popcorn or light confectionaries in your bag. Those guys are lifesavers and can help give your stomach a sense of food thereby saving you the money you’d have used in a restaurant.

6. Find alternatives for power and data: If you’re going to be at home, then fuel and data are the real money culprit. Solve this by finding alternatives. Go solar or use an inverter while for data, connect to a friend or look for weekend freebies P.S use mobile more, PC devices use up more data

7. Withdraw only what you need: Don’t be found holding too much cash, that is a sure recipe to overspending. Shop on a budget and if you’re the religious type, plan and save your offerings and tithe ahead of Sunday.

You may not like number 8

8. Ditch cab/ride-hailing: Do you know how much you can save when you use regular Danfos or Okada compared to their more upscale cousins? Think am o! except your goal is to slay or appear fresh, save your money.

That’s it guys, kindly share and drop other ideas for spending less on weekends

Don’t also forget that you can save with Octa and get up to 4X the interest you’d get if you were saving in a traditional savings account. You can get started by downloading the Octa app. #GetOcta because #OctaSaves!

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