Exactly How Safe and Secure is Octa?

Oct 4, 2019 · 3 min read
how safe and secure is octa
how safe and secure is octa

Hello friend,

If you’re reading this, it's most likely because you want to know how safe and secure your savings or investment are with Octa. We totally get you and we’re okay with your concerns. We take user safety and security importantly and will do everything to ensure both your money and data are safe. This short piece is to clarify your doubts and concerns.

Read on.

First, what does safety mean in the age of digital banking?

Safety in digital banking means that any information or funds you give to a platform are safe. It also means that a dubious individual cannot get access to it and cannot use your details against you. Lastly, it also means that that platform is monitored by an even higher authority such as a regulator.

How safe and secured are my details with Octa?

As with any digital savings platform, you are required to submit personal details and some level of financial details. For Octa, we require your email, BVN and card details. All your details are safely encrypted. There are also processes to validate and verify any information you submit. This is the essence of using the BVN.

Where is Octa’s physical address

We must first state that Octa is a digital product but notwithstanding, our physical office is located at 23 Norman Williams street, Ikoyi Lagos. Feel free to drop by anytime.

What do you do with my money?

Smart question! If you were thinking Octa is another ponzi scheme about to burst, you’re totally wrong. The way Octa works is totally different from how ponzi schemes work. First, Octa saves your money and invests it in financial instrument so you are guaranteed of your interest. Also because we are regulated and belong to a licensed operator, we have no plans of running with your money.

Why Does Octa require BVN and card details

The BVN is required to verify your identity alongside any other financial and physical detail you submit. As a regulated entity, a standard KYC process is required for signup and withdrawals. We meet this demand with the use of the BVN. An important piece of information is to know that your BVN details does not give us any access to your account.

Who regulates or manages Octa?

Octa is a savings product owned and managed by Page Financials a CBN licensed financial service provider in Nigeria. Page Financials offers collateral-free loans and investment facilities.

How can I contact Octa?

Very simple. We can be reached via our physical address and online via social media @Octasave. You can send a DM or chat with us via these channels. You can send an email to customer@octa.ng. Lastly, you can call or chat with us on WhatsApp via 0907 0071220

There you have it. Octa is a safe and secure saving platform that uses bank-grade security features. Don’t also forget that you can save with Octa and get up to 4X the interest you’d get if you were saving in a traditional savings account. You can get started by downloading the Octa app. #GetOcta because #OctaSaves!


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