Some thoughts on running

I am witnessing an increased interest in jogging in the Eastern Europe today more than ever before, people realized that running does good for their health, or it has just become another “cool” trend? It is not particularly clear when and how I've noticed it the first time but even if it is only a passing trend, I totally love it, it might be the greatest trend that affected us lately…

I am not sure which category I am part of today, was it because I felt the right moment was there for me to start running, or because I was seeing everywhere that running is cool?

Solitude does good for running

I initially started running as an adult, in the fall of 2014 when I just moved to Bucharest. I still recall that month, it was a month full of solitude, that kind of solitude that feels good when you can rearrange your thoughts, a month when I had time to think about the priorities, a time when I could spent by myself understanding better my desires and needs, so it was mostly:

  • The month when I ran at least 15–20 km/each week
  • The month when I started my journal, a gift given to me by an old friend and not valued enough so far, which I’ve written daily for about 30 days back then
  • The month when I was buying stuff from the local market and cooking daily

There is this great thing that running does to your brain and body, it was clinically proven that running releases endorphin — a substance which triggers positive feeling in the body.

It was the first time I was feeling this happiness, at the moment I understood I am about to actually manage to finalize my first 10 km running. When I was about 8.5 km into running I felt a force so strong growing inside me that felt that I am invincible and I did not care that other people saw me, I had that huge smile that people sometimes get, usually associated with thoughts about the loved ones or the feeling when you just get in love. So it appeared to be that this was indeed love, love for running. It was back then I realized that I always loved doing something that I was not aware of my entire life.

Next month I am running my first Half Marathon on the May 14, 2016, and thanks for the solitude time that allowed me understand a little part of myself that was hidden back then I would not be able to do it.

Haven’t written in a while and it feels good to get to write my thoughts today especially on this great topic — running.