Why Traveling Makes You a Better Person

I’m taking yet another step forward towards the direction of my dreams.

When I was a little girl, nothing excited me more than knowing we had a family trip coming. It didn’t matter whether it was a road trip to visit my Aunt in Buffalo, or hoping on a plane to Florida to spend a week at Disney World — if it involved travel, I was in!

As an adult, it can be difficult to find the time away from work, family obligations, or just your day-to-day schedule to make room for the thrill and adventure of travel. However, I’m a firm believer in the value that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone, to a place where you don’t know the language, aren’t familiar with the customs, or have a acquired taste for the food. Something about traveling lights a spark within me that I don’t get from anything else in life. I am certain that regularly exercising the activity of exposing yourself to the new and unknown not only broadens and deepens your understanding of life and humanity, but makes you a better person in all respects.

A recent memory stands out in my mind as a reminder to why it’s critical to make the time to travel. Just a few weeks ago, I was roaming the ancient streets of Barcelona, a city rich with history, a vibrant mix of cultural diversity, and of course, and an artistic pulse unlike many other places in the world. It was here that I felt that buzz of creative energy that I had so long been searching for. I’m not sure where things went wrong, but the months leading up to my trip, I felt a deep void of any purpose, or the will to work on my passions. But, as I looked at the weathered, old buildings that lined the streets of this city, I felt inspired to follow in the footsteps of people like Picasso, who once called this place ‘home’. I thought, “if he could have the courage to make this dreams come true, then so can I! I must”.

Since my return from my trip to Spain, I have been working away, slowly but surely, on the things that I deem worthy of my time, and starting to prune away the things that aren’t. And so, I am grateful for those two weeks spent exploring, observing, and reminding myself of the great things that others have done, and the many great things that I will also do.

Since travel is such a powerful tool to evoke inspiration in my own life, and the lives of others, I want to bring people along on my journey . This will of course never take the place of you booking your own ticket and seeing things for yourself, but I hope my Travel Journey will be a small source of inspiration to get you excited to take your own trips, learn your own lessons, and carry that forward into your own life.

In two weeks I’ll be packing my bags and heading down to New York City to experience the Christmas season in what is one of the most magical cities in the world. It’s been a dream of mine to go to the Big Apple at this time of the year, and what a pleasure it will be to go with my husband, for whom this will be his first time in the city.

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