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Citește mai departe dacă vrei să:

  • Înțelegi ce înseamnă să ai propriul „de ce”
  • Faci un pas înainte către a te auto-împuternici (vine de la self-empower în engleză)
  • Îți creezi o experiență unică pe care ți-o oferă procesul de a-ți descoperi propriul „de ce”

Propriul „de ce” este parte din conceptul „Cercul de Aur” pe care l-am găsit la Simon Sinek. Are un Ted Talk cu milioane de vizualizări pe YouTube pe care îl poți vedea aici ca să îți dai seama despre ce e vorba rapid.

Dacă nu ai văzut încă acest Ted Talk, chiar ți-l recomand, aduce niște perspective care te pot ajuta în multe situații din viața ta. Poți seta subtitrări în limba română direct din YouTube, iar traducerea este foarte bine făcută. …

(Romanian version here/ varianta in limba română)

Read this if you want to:

  • Find out what it means to have “your why”
  • Take a step forward in empowering yourself in all aspects of your life
  • Create for yourself an awesome experience by going through the process of finding your own why

Your own “why” is a concept developed by Simon Sinek. If you’re not familiar with him and the Golden Circle (Why — How — What), you can see him in the million-views Ted Talk here:

Although it’s amazing for a business or any type of organization to have a well-defined why, for you, as a human being, to find “your why” is life-changing. …

Ok, so you have the Gene Keys book, the Golden Path program, and you started working with them.

You may have many beautiful insights but you feel like something is not clicking… and it might be something that you don’t understand or haven’t contemplated enough… or you believe that whatever you do, you can’t let go of that Shadow…

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In most of the cases, that might not be the true problem…

Before we go into what you can do, I want to tell you about Pig Wrestling, a framework used efficiently in problem-solving. …

There is a lot of stuff about beliefs. How to change them, how to overcome them, but I believe I couldn’t find something that actually shows you the vital importance of our beliefs and why they are the most single critical point which can make a difference in our lives. So I wrote this about it.

1. The Story

Imagine you are the emperor or empress of the entire world. Because of the vast territories you own and having 7.6 bilion subjects (world population on March 2018). The rules are: you have the divine right to be the empress/ emperor of the world. …

In ancient times, there was a place that could only be found by the ones that are called. It was the best starting point for the most fabulous adventures, where guidance valued more than entire kingdoms was to be found: The Oracle of Delphi.

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Upon the entrance to the inner sanctuary to the Oracle of Delphi was an inscription said to be older than time itself. It read: “know thyself”. So even before receiving the most precious guidance, the hero/heroine who got there got the most valuable advice ever given to humanity: get to know yourself.

Generally stated formulas that only works with the right tools and proper…

Summary: To find joy in what you’re doing, the easiest way is knowing your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile, understand how you function and accelerate the process using some techniques, like coaching and Theta Healing.

Very often, I remember a certain quote: “To have something different, you have to do something different”.

This “something different” thing is very empowering. Most people, when they hear you have to do something you haven’t done before, they think “it’s gonna be difficult…”. Usually, this is the first thought that comes to mind and it comes along with a feeling of dread and struggle.

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For instance, a few years back, I signed on a coaching process (as a client). I wasn’t very much aware of the reasons I wanted it or what’s coaching about but I was told that through this kind of process you get what you want and you get to solve your problems. …

Rezumat: Ca să îți placă ceea placă ceea ce faci, cel mai ușor mod este să îți cunoști profilul Hologenetic Gene Keys, să te prinzi cum funcționezi și să îți accelerezi procesul cu anumite tehnici, cum sunt Timeline Therapy și/sau Theta Healing.

Îmi aduc aminte aproape zilnic un citat: „Ca să ai ceva diferit, ai nevoie să faci ceva diferit.”

E foarte mișto chestia asta cu „ceva diferit”. Când auzi că trebuie să faci ceva ce nu ai mai făcut până acum, te gândești că o să fie greu. …

O modalitate sănătoasă pentru a transforma timpul petrecut cu familia (sau cu cine vrei tu) în ceva mai plăcut și mai valoros pentru tine.

Undeva, pe Facebook, am văzut un citat care mi-a plăcut foarte mult: „Dacă te crezi iluminat, petrece o săptămână cu familia”. În momentul în care l-am citit, am simțit o provocare acolo.

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Timpul petrecut cu familia îți poate readuce în vedere anumite tipare cu care poate ai crescut sau cu care nu te întâlnești decât în asemenea situații speciale.

Evident, nu neg că sunt și momentele care ne fac plăcere. Vreau să aducem în lumină acele momente când te deranjează ceva la ceilalți (ca să o pun frumos) și există potențialul unui conflict sau unor discuții cu conținut pasiv-agresiv. Sau când pur și simplu iar (IAR!) …

Some insights from the Gene Keys and my own

I’ve heard a lot about stress. Every time I hear the word, I remember 2 things.

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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

The first one is a funny moment between me and one of my friends, who’s also a coach and taught me a lot. We heard someone saying they’re so stressed and they want to avoid stress as much as possible.

So, I remember saying to him: „Stress? There was a time I knew this word. It carried a great importance and heaviness. Somehow, on the way, I forgot the meaning of it. …

This is a playful contemplation on the 64 Gene Keys.

If you’re not familiar to the Gene Keys, here is the official site and here is my introductory point of view for them.

You can use this article by picking a number from 1 to 64 and reading the corresponding Gene Key or looking for some other insights in your Gene Keys journey.

If you are interested in taking your Gene Keys journey a step further, read more about it here.

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  1. You start by expressing yourself, being in the Now and realizing you are Beauty.
  2. Get on your way and know that whatever you do is perfect. …


Octavian Bolocan

Bringing relief and understanding so that we have more authentic joy in this world. Founder @ octashift.com. ThetaHealing Practitioner. Gene Keys guide.

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