For those interested in the Gene Keys: how I got to transform 6 months of contemplating a Gene Key into 30 minutes and being able to offer the same thing for others

(this is an adapted translation of my previous article in Romanian)

May 2017, edit (only if you read this before): I’ve come to realize that the word “integration” meant that you take something and put it in somewhere else making it somehow compatible, whereas the Shadow Frequency of a Gene Key it’s the same as the Gift and the Siddhi. So you cannot “integrate” something in the same thing. I found the word “Transformation” more suitable for the process described below, because the transformation appears the moment you have a change in your perspective.

First of all, this is my profile:

Now that you know me so well, let me tell you about it…

I had time and patience for contemplating my Gene Keys and also see the results but my clients didn’t. Considering I’m a 2nd line in Life’s Work and Vocation, I looked for the easiest ways so that everybody should enjoy the Gene Keys Transmission. I found the process of mental, emotional and physical contemplation difficult and painful, but I did it. I devoted 6 months exclusively to the Gene Keys. I went to the course on the Activation Sequence with Andrew Fretwell in Bucharest, Romania. In October 2015 I went to the Venus Sequence Retreat in Sinaia, Romania (the one with Richard Rudd and Andrew Fretwell) and also participated in the meetings of the Gene Keys Community from Bucharest, Romania. I also started studying Human Design in order to find the easiest and fastest ways of implementing the Gene Keys in real life.

By December 2015, I got the idea of Transformig the Shadow of a Gene Keys using Time Line Therapy. By the 22nd of January 2016, I’ve tested and implemented this technique on myself, Transforming all my Shadows from the Gene Keys in my Hologenetic Profile and even those in my Human Design Profile. To me, it was absolutely amazing. I got examples for each Sphere. Now I can apply this process on someone else, in a one-on-one session. Practically speaking, you begin to manifest your Gift from every Sphere as soon as you Transform the Shadow. My 2nd line Vocation took the stage.

I started Treading the Golden Path at the end of 2014, having received the Gene Keys Book as a Gift from Cristian Dumitrache, and even if I didn’t understand the awesome value of that from the start, I was inspired enough to realize it soon after. I’ve read my Gene Keys, I’ve read the 3 Sequences (Activation, Venus and Pearl), listened to the Epiphany Experience and I started contemplating my Spheres, Lines and Gene Keys, one by one. The 15th Gene Key (the one in my Culture Sphere) offered me my first Epiphany: “life is meaningless”. It was a Truth which went straightforward to the core of my being and no matter how my mind struggled to deny it with logical arguments, my body knew this was true. The 25th Gene Key (my IQ) helped me accept my fear and quit my job to follow my dream of helping people create and enjoy a fulfilled life on in every domain. Since then I had o a lot of Epiphanies and gorgeous experiences which I owe to the Gene Keys and for which I am grateful from all my heart.

Also at the ending of 2014, I succeeded in completing the Practitioner Course in NLP, Time Line Therapy, Coaching and Hypnosis taught by Radu Chiriac, certified Trainer of Tad James Co. Starting with 2015 I’ve had coaching clients and offered them my best.

I am being myself now and I’m having the courage to follow my Vocation by offering my Gifts to the whole World.

Transforming the Shadows from the whole Hologenetic Profile in the order recommended by Richard Rudd (Activation, Venus, Pearl) you manifest your Gifts exactly as they are described in the Gene Keys book and you gain clarity for what you need to do. It is also useful in relationships because they help a lot in opening the heart and returning love to non-love. It helps you feel much better in your own body and increases your confidence (the 4 Prime Gifts from the Activation Sequence).

You get to understand and apply each Gift within the its Sphere, including the challenge offered by the Evolution Sphere, releasing the emotions held by the mind in the IQ Sphere and attracting prosperity through the Culture Sphere.

I won’t promise you that you’ll be 100% of the time in the Gift frequency after one Shadow Transformation but embracing the Shadow each time you become aware of is extremely fast and easy and becoming aware will become easy.

If you realized the way the Shadows influenced your life, you will easy realize the progress you made and the Presence of your Gifts in your life. If you don’t know all your Shadows, you will notice changes coming from the Gift frequencies and you will see, hear and/or even hear the effects caused by the Gifts.

The process of Transforming the Shadows follows the Golden Path, so the shadows are transformed in the context of the Sphere and Line within the Hologenetic Profile.

One of my moments of incredible Joy was when I realized that it is very likely that no one else applied this idea (yet), so what we are doing together could be a worldwide premiere.

What is this method?

Everything happens in one-on-one meetings. Time Line Therapy is a process that dissolves all the negative emotion you felt from the beginning until the present moment.

First of all, I will guide you to dissolve your Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt. Once these emotions are dissolved, it will be very easy for you to transform every shadow from every Gene Key in your Hologenetic Profile.

How does Time Line Therapy work?

1 Every time you feel a negative emotion, it becomes a link in a chain and you start carrying this chain everywhere you are.

2 Negative emotions, as well as the Shadows, come to teach us something in order to grow and evolve.

3 Once the teachings are taken in, all positives remain and the rest dissolves. It’s the same as getting from the Shadow to the Gift. Like “every Shadow contains a Gift” (Richard Rudd), every negative emotion contains a teaching.

4 After you dissolve/ transform it all, every time you will feel a negative emotion or a Shadow, it will come easily for you to figure out what is the lesson you need to learn from that emotion. In the case of the Shadow, it will be very easy to raise it at the Gift Frequency.

Easy and simple, isn’t it?

As it is in my Hologenetic Profile, I really like being in the service of others. I am doing this with the greatest passion and excitement that I haven’t found it in any other activity. I believe the Shadow Transformation process is the most precious thing I found withing my work and I rejoice from all my heart because I can offer this to others.

The idea of translating this came from my good friend Cristian Dumitrache and he reminded me of the power of gratitude. So I want to take this opportunity to thank the following for their tremendous support they’ve given me and the help I received to get to this point in my life: Cristian Dumitrache, Renata Plopeanu, Camelia Misirianțu, Iulian Moțea, Denisia Jeldujer, Radu Chiriac, Alina Mornea, Anca Petrescu, Pera Novacovici, Alexandra Arsene, Entheo, all the Gene Keys Community from Romania, my parents, Andrew Fretwell, Richard Rudd and you for reading this.

I wish you all the love in the world, have fun and I leave you in the hands of Master Shifu (who apparently knows about Gene Keys) with some very good advice:

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Thank you!