Kind reminder of how life can be

There are a lot of ways of living your life. A very good friend of mine recently told me that “we are the stories we tell ourselves”. Sounds like a very beautiful inspirational quote and, with the right background, it’s perfect for sharing on Facebook. But there is more to that.

There is a question of telling yourself “ok, need to change the story I tell myself…” And this shit is supposed to help me? How? When? How long will it take? These are perfectly good questions to ask yourself. And of course, the answer varies, because it’s way too general. But here comes the fun part… if you really change the story you tell yourself, something wonderful will happen. You become filled with joy, enjoy life more, and open your heart and your mind to all the infinite possibilities. Of course there are infinite possibilities. How do I know that? Well, it’s just simple math… take in account all the variables of a single event and generate all the possible outcomes. Check this out for a simple explanation:

I’m writing this because I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s possible to feel awesome and have a wonderful life. Thought I should remind you:D And what makes it wonderful it’s not the lack of the so-called “bad things” like feelings of anger, frustration, apathy, hate or despair. We couldn’t know what a beautiful life means without its opposites.

I’ve been in the dark and I’m pretty sure I will find myself there again. But I understood that it’s not about avoiding darkness and bad feelings at all costs. It’s about going exactly through their core. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions and feelings, to accept them and to embrace them (thanking Gene Keys for that), that’s what transforms them! And the best part is that once you allow a feeling to run its course unaltered, it won’t come back at all. It may repeat itself, but only to inform you that you are still dealing with that. It’s a bulletproof method of our mind and body to ensure that the real growth happens once and for all.

One of the best tools that helped me get over the feeling of being overwhelmed, stress, inadequacy, sadness, anger, frustration, envy and even body-related pain was a simple technique called “Letting go”. I found it in a book with the same name, written by David Hawkins. The actual book guides you through an awesome process of using this technique. I heartily recommend it!

To use this technique, all you need to do is know two things: how you deal with your emotions and the actual process. All people deal with emotions through 3 ways. One way is suppressing and repressing the emotions, refusing them to manifest and kind of “swallowing” them. The second way is through expressing that emotion, with or without attention to circumstances. This is kind of a way of lashing out to another or even expressing that emotion in a “safe way”. The third way is avoiding the emotions altogether, either by work or recreational activities, rationalizing and finding all the facts that got you to that emotion or using drugs or alcohol or any other substitutes.

The actual technique of “Letting go” is probably too simple when you first hear about it. It’s about being aware of that feeling and allowing yourself to feel it. That’s it. You don’t need to make any adjustments or block that feeling in any way. The only thing you need to do is let that feeling run its course. If you resist that feeling in any way, it won’t end (that’s why most of our feelings usually come back — because we resist them). If you think that feeling is tied to an action you must take, your decision may or may not change after you let go that feeling. Either way, you will be in a better state when making any decision.

I wrote this because I really wanted you to know that there are many ways of living a beautiful life and I wanted to share my findings in order to add more ease and beauty to the world. This is one part of many ways. Hope it helps you and thank you!

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