Main Reason for Bad Breath

Bad breath is something which can make us embarrassed among the group of people we interact with. it is something we don’t even want to talk about. When it comes to getting rid of this issue, we often go for the tricks which prove to be nothing more than masking the symptom. When you use lozenges to treat bad breath, it gives you the relief of a few minutes only.

Smell in the breath

Let’s talk about the wind blowing in our surroundings. When the wind blows, it passes through different surfaces and picks up particles from different smell producing objects. These are tiny and invisible particles which enter our noses and stick to the receptors to make us sense the smell of the objects the particles belong to.

There is a huge similarity between the air outside and the breath inside. It is usually our diet which produces the smell other people get. Diet gets absorbed in the bloodstream and it gives out the smell through our lungs. As a result, the smell of anything we eat comes out of our mouth when we exhale. You can think about the garlic breath. In fact, it is the smell that comes out of you pores when you perspire.

In some cases, the bad breath occurs due to medical conditions which may include diabetes, liver disease, chronic bronchitis, and respiratory tract infections. Moreover, there are certain medications which can affect your breath pretty badly. It usually happens when your medication starts altering the amount of saliva in your mouth.

The real reason

While all the reasons mentioned above are true, the major reason for bad breath is usually the existence of bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria present in our mouths produce sulfur gases and other compounds which may not be very pleasant to others. Now, you may not be able to smell your own breath. But, you can get an idea about your breath by sniffing the floss you have just used. That should give you a hint.

Cavities, gum disease and other infections in your mouth also cause bad breath. Now, you will have to keep up with your preventative dental care to make sure that you avoid happening of anything which can turn out to be a disaster for your oral health. Good oral hygiene is pretty much important. Moreover, you will need to visit your dentist after every six months.

One more thing that you will have to take into consideration is that your tongue is a forest in which the bacteria can live and thrive. So, you have to make sure that you are using a tongue scrapper or cleaner to keep your tongue clean from bacteria.