Top SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is crucial to drive traffic to your website. While SEO may seem like an easy enough task, it is constantly evolving and takes an expert to perfect. As the search engines change their algorithms and adjust to new technology, SEO mistakes can be made. Here are a few of the top SEO mistakes that are made.

Improper Internal Link Structure

Internal links can be a website killer and can drop your ranking in search engines rather quickly. Website administrators typically make the mistake of not reanalyzing their XML sitemap on a regular basis. Clean up duplicate content and links that lead to nowhere to help keep your website relevant for search engine ranking. One great way to do this is to resubmit your XML sitemap to search engines on a regular basis and ensure that no page is more than two clicks away from the homepage.

Too Much Content

This is a mistake that most rookie website owners make. Understanding that search engines are not just reliant on content is something you learn rather quickly in the SEO world. Search engines not only want content but they want useful content that is not just full of filler. Each page should be associated with a good amount of keyword research and is actionable. Search engines love actionable pages!

Linking to Worthless Content

Links are great for SEO but those links should be landing on relevant webpages that have actionable content. Mix up your website with content other than blog posts. Videos, surveys, and other types of posts are well-favored by search engines.

Low Conversion Due to Content

Your content should encourage viewers to become customers. Too many people focus on views and then wonder why their sales are not going up accordingly. There is nothing more infuriating to a customer than to find your website but the content is bad. You need to get your content to people who are potential customers and using social media and paid ad campaigns can be useful for just that.

Using the Wrong Keywords

Not enough time is taken by a lot of website owners to find the right keywords that will bring the most traffic to their website. What may seem like the right keywords for your site or business may not be the keywords that your potential customers are searching for. Keyword tools are there for a reason and things like the click-through rate in your sites analytics should not be ignored. If your see that you are not reaching the right customers, take a long hard look at your keywords!

Ignoring Paid Media

SEO can use the paid media side of things to insure that they are driving toward the same goal. Too often SEO providers ignore that side of the business and it can be detrimental to finding the right keywords to increase traffic and conversion.

Ignoring Local Customers

This one is huge. SEO providers often forget about the power of local customers despite the well-researched evidence that it pays. The statistic say that mobile users visit a store about half the time they see it during a web search. That’s as good as gold! Do not ignore your local customer base.

Setting It and Forgetting It

This last one is a big one. A website should constantly be evaluated, or audited, to ensure it is in well-working order. Nothing can kill an online business like broken links, bad urls, bad meta tags, and duplicate content. Clean up your website on a regular basis, as it is your business’ lifeline.

There will be issues that creep up on your website but the key is to catch them early by not making the mistakes outlined above. Keep your website in good working order and constantly look for ways it can be improved.

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