So after reading all of the reports, chatter, uproar, etc about the “shirt gate” Bomani Jones caused on ESPN, as usual the main point is missed. And it’s being missed by those who are so disgruntled and offended by Jones’ comments regarding the shirt’s meaning. Let’s zoom into a closer look for you to understand….

If you look into the camera lens of America’s history, the disgruntled would know that its foundation is primarily built on violence, murder, theft and prejudice. Most importantly, it was built on the economics of racism. Slavery was the major economic industry in the 1700 & 1800s, and killing the Indians for their land in the name of business seems to be “glossed” over in the history books. Even in the industrial age, Henry Ford built his empire on the backs of black folk who fled the south to make a better wage and life.

Fast forward to the 21st century, where business owners who are primarily caucasian, continue to make billions from offensive symbols and logos, and really don’t care. The Redskins, Indians and Seminoles are the examples of organizations generating tons of money at the expense of glorifying the one ethnicity that was maimed in American History. Who’s to say that someone else one day may decide to name a team the Coons or the Chinks???

This is the point that Bomani Jones was making. Making a profit from offensive symbols and logos should not be allowed in the conduct of business. But then again, since it’s always been part of the American DNA , don’t be surprised if another billionaire with a Donald Sterling type of attitude comes along & creates a team with blackface or something just as offensive. What will happen then????

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