Happy New Year America! Now that the NYE balls have dropped, the store aisles are clear & Santa is back in his layer at the North Pole for another 11 months, it’s time to get our eyes back on what is to come. And since you more than likely weren’t paying attention during the holidays, I’ll bring you up to speed with Trump’s “empire” set to take over from the peaceful rebellion better known as the Obama Administration.

A bunch of billionaires (Rex Tillerson), yes men, tokens (Carson as HUD Secretary???), racists (Jeff Sessions) & dummies (Rick Perry as Energy Secretary???) pretty much sums up who Trump has picked to run this country. What’s even more disturbing is that these appointees will NOT have your best interests at heart. For example, Betsy DeVos, appointed Secretary of Education, despises public education. The DeVos family has lobbied state politicians in Michigan to keep charter schools in play and drastically cut public school funding. Does it sound like she will care about the public school system nationally???

Then we have Retired General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, appointee for Secretary of Defense. His nickname alone should give us pause. Since he & Trump have something in common about shooting people, whether it’s in the middle of Manhattan or on the battlefield, you can only imagine what he’ll do in countries like the Middle East. And Trump said he wants to spend $1 trillion in ramping up our nuclear arsenal, which is already large enough to wipe out civilization as we know it. Do you want someone acting like a “mad dog” to have that kind of stockpile??? SMH.

Rex Tillerson, appointee for Secretary Of State, is a former CEO of Exxon. Why is this important??? Because of his relationship with Vladimir Putin, who we know all the chatter about Trump’s ties to him. And he’s done business with Iran, Syria & Sudan during his tenure at Exxon. Let’s see, oil in Russia, Iran, Syria & Sudan, and Trump appoints an oil guy as the SOS….sounds like some poop in the game to me.

Then there’s Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs partner tapped to be Secretary Of Treasury. In case you didn’t know, he was the top dog at a bank that engaged in fraudulent activity during the homeowner crisis we faced when Obama took office. He made millions off foreclosures & now he’s set to helm our country’s money. Does that sound like someone you want in charge of our dolla, dolla bills yawl???

To all of you anti-inclusive, homophobic, Make America WHITE Again folk who voted for Trump, I hope you realize this is what you wanted. The purge of color from a country that is supposed to embrace people of backgrounds, creeds, etc. But what you didn’t recognize is that you’ll be getting the big shaft up your pootie hole too. In this day & age of technology, do you think Trump’s really going to bring back those manufacturing jobs that he churped about during the election??? What is his plan for replacing the Affordable CARE Act, other than just repeal it??? What is he going to do to make your everyday life better??? I say nothing. You’ll be stuck, mad & see all your tax dollars go to building a so called wall that won’t do a damn thing in keeping immigrants out. And let’s keep it real, those who do come to America are NOT a real threat to you. They’re not taking your jobs or trying to blow you up. You just feel your “entitlement” is being threatened & Trump played up to that illusion. But you’ll see for yourselves when he does like Houdini & disappears on you when you least expect it. In the words of former NFL WR extraordinaire Terrell Owens, get your popcorn ready. And by the way, has Trump released his taxes yet???