Bill O’Reilly. The greatest ASS HOLE the nation has seen. Period, hands down, case closed. During his recent interview with one of the nation’s most ignorant presidential candidates, Donald Trump, good ol’ Billy said that the majority of black youth are uneducated & wear tattoos on their foreheads. And he asked Trump, whose “Let’s Make America Great Again” slogan is code for making it “White” again, how would he handle their situation regarding unemployment. One ass hole talking propaganda with another.

First and foremost, what’s so maddening and inflammatory is that NO ONE in the media is calling O’Reilly out on his statement about black youth. The media is so enamored with ratings when it comes to Trump, they’ll let any comments fly, prejudice or not. Second, what if Roland Martin or Tavis Smiley made these kind of incendiary comments about white folk??? They would be run off the airwaves in a matter of minutes. But blind eyes & deaf ears fall on Billy Bob O’Reilly. His multi-million dollar salary & viewership gives him immunity to criticism right???

Since we have a lack of history in this country, this is not the first time Bill has called out black folk. He’s verbally attacked Ludacris, causing Pepsi to drop him as a spokesman, and he deemed Beyoncé not a good role model because of her music videos. But he NEVER listened to any of her music. Really??? And this man has the audacity to write books about The Bible & Jesus??? WHAT??

It’s amazing how much money the “majority” makes from offensive symbols and blatant lies when it comes to minorities, particularly black folk. There’s no retraction, no recourse & no remorse. From Bill O’Reilly to Supreme Court judges to the police to the Prison Industrial Complex, there is an attack on black people from forces that despise us for the color of our skin. We’ve become the poster child for what’s wrong in America, so we are attacked as such. And Bill O’Reilly is one of the main ass holes who leads the way. So we must fight fire with fire & have the guts to call ass holes like him out when generalizing & demonizing any ethnicity, particularly those who originate from Africa.

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