Have you noticed, as a new employee going through the onboarding process(fancy word for training nowadays), how diverse the faces are when reading the company’s online material??? Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc, effectively positioned throughout the presentation to show how inclusive your new corporate home is. But as you study the company’s executive wing, chairman’s council, whatever fancy name the CEO and his team has, the only color you see there is WHITE. Very fascinating in the words of the late, great Mr. Spock.

So even though Company XYZ promotes diversity, inclusion and “colorful” harmony in all the training modules, job postings, lunch & learns and HR manuals amongst the peons, when you thumb through the internal magazines, popular magazines and see who is giving all the company updates, it’s the all white powers-that-be which reflects zero inclusiveness. How oxymoronic is this??? Diverse at the bottom of the corporate ladder, whites only at the top??? Sounds like the peons attempt to work in a 21st century environment while “the man” makes his rulings working in the 1960s…..

According to an article published last year in CNN Money*, out of the five hundred largest companies in the country, only five of them have black CEOs. And of that five, one is a woman. The corporate boards of these companies are overwhelmingly white also. So you have a complete white washing at the top, trying to show face with the bottom in promoting something that they themselves don’t practice and/or turn a blind eye towards. Again, quite fascinating….

If Mr. Spock really was to study the corporate structure of America, I’m quite sure he would find it the greatest anomaly on the planet. The CEO and board of directors, worth millions of dollars and all white, making policy for the bottom of the corporate totem pole with the illusion of inclusion to keep that grand image intact. We’ll hire anybody, train anybody, give everybody a few bonuses here and there, but we just won’t promote any ol’ body up into the exclusive management club unless you look like….”them”.

*”Only 5 black CEOs at 500 biggest companies”, by Gregory Wallace, CNN Money, 1/29/15

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