For all you NBA fanatics & casual sports fans, ask yourself this question. Why do you REALLY hate LeBron James??? What’s the true, honest, gut wrenching answer??? Is it his physique??? The money he makes??? The power he possesses??? His pure existence???

Listening to all the NBA talking heads and sports fans leading up to the NBA Finals, I’ve come the conclusion that most of the “hate” is just contrived talk to drive up ratings by the networks and fans not having any concrete answers. If you really have some legit reasons for despising LBJ, that’s understandable. But if you just hate him to hate him, why??? What’s your real answer bandwagoner???

From my perspective, here is a superstar player who never gets in trouble off the court, surrounds himself with good people professionally and personally, doesn’t have any baby mamas floating out there (unless he’s got them well hidden from the public lol), is a married man who has all of his kids ONLY by his wife, and is a very shrewd businessman off the court. But yet, LeBron is hated more than the most unlikeable players in the NBA right now. Again, why???

From my view point, the only thing you can fault LeBron for is maturity. Since he came into the league as a youngster, he had to grow up on the court, in front of the cameras for everyone to see his maturation. He came into the NBA with pressure since he was annointed “King James”, playing for a city that remains title less since the mid-1960s. He had to learn to play the game on a professional level and carried a team that had no real viable pieces surrounding him to win a championship. So then he bolts Cleveland for Miami to join forces with his buddies Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, the most scrutinized move in NBA history. I mean, what a preposterous move right??? A superstar joining other superstars, to give himself a chance to win what all players want….a title. Who doesn’t want to do that???

Now, I will say the way he went about his free agency with, “The Decision”, was a bad look indeed, but making the move to MIA was in his right to do. So when he joins the Heat and loses to an inferior opponent during the 2011 NBA Finals (sorry Mavs’ fans), he again gets blasted by the media for his play and attitude afterwards. Again, this all had to do with maturity.

Eventually, LeBron learned how to win and succeed in those key moments. But just like all the league greats, maturity is the factor that propelled them into greatness. After years of failure in the pressure situations, they finally learned how to win. Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, they all had to mature in order to make it the NBA mountaintop.

Regardless if you’re a superstar player or just picking up a ball to play, maturity is apart of one’s growth from child to adult. We all have to learn from certain situations in life that allows us to grow and mature. To dislike someone because of immaturity is something I get, but if they grow up from it and embrace other notable qualities to like, what’s there to hate???

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